Kamana Film Awards – Mahasush wins the most awards

The first CG Kamana Film Awards was announced in a program held on December 1, 2014 in Kathmandu. In addition to awarding the artists, a cultural program was also organized featuring Nepali film artists including Karishma Manandhar, Bhuwan KC and other.  The nomination list of Kamana Film Award was posted in xnepali in October.

kamana film award winners with trophies

Following movies and artists were honored by the award in the ceremony:

Winner Films

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Dhanda bagged the most awards in NEFTA 2014

Three movies ‘Dhanda’, ‘Mokshya’ and ‘Chha Ekan Chha’ were awarded three different awards for Best Movie, Jury Award and Popular Film awards respectively. In addition to the best award, the movie ‘Dhanda’ was also awarded 4 more awards in different categories including best director and best actor award.

karishma and others in nefta 2014

‘Dhanda’ writer Arpan Thapa was also awarded the Best Writer Award. Subarna Thapa won the Best Screenplay award for the script of ‘Soongava’. Deepak Raj Giri of ‘Chha Ekan Chha’ was awarded the Best Dialogue Award.

Award winning movies and their award titles are:

  • Dhanda – Best Writer Award, Best Makeup, Best Actor Award, Best Film Award, Best Director Award
  • Soongava – Best Script Award
  • Chha Ekan Chha – Best Dialogue, Best Background Music, Best Co-Artist (Male), Popular Film
  • Biteka Pal – Best dress, Best Actress Award
  • Moun – Best Art Direction, Best New Director
  • Visa Girl – Best Choreogrphy
  • War – Best Action Direction
  • Producer – Best Sound Mixing
  • Badhshala – Best Cinematography,
  • Nai Nabhannu La 2 – Best Lyrics, Best Child Artist, Best Co-Artist (Female)
  • Rhythm – Best Music, Best Playback Singing (Male)
  • Mokshya – Best Music Arranger, Jury Award
  • Kohi Ta Chha – Best Actor in Negative Role
  • Sanghuro – Best actor in Character Role, Best actress in Character Role
  • Manjari – Best New Actor (Male)
  • Madhumash – Best New Actor (Female)

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Artists arrive in Hong Kong for NEFTA Awards 2014

To participate in the film Award – NEFTA Awards 2014, artists, journalists and producers have arrived in Hong Kong to participate in the event on October 20, 2014. The Communication Minister, Minendra Rijal will be the chief guest of the award ceremony. Other artists who have arrived in Hong Kong include , Nir Shah, Karishma Manandhar and others.

nefta organizers in hongkong

NEFTA organized a press meet in Hong Kong to announce the preparation and details of the program. In the inauguration ceremony  actor Rajesh Hamal and musician Sambhujit Baskota will be in stage together.

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Kamana Film Awards 2014 nominations (full list)

The NEFTA film award is going to be held on October 20 in Hong Kong. Another award ceremony, INFA 2014 is also going to be held in Hong Kong on October 26. And, one more movie award ceremony Kamana Films Award is also starting this year. In addition to the nominations there will be non-competitive Critics Awards in music, fashion and theater, Jury Award and Life Time Achievement awards. 

kamana film award

The Kamana Films Award was announced in the beginning of 2014 in association with CG Entertainment. Actress Karishma Manandhar debuted as a MC in that program. In the nominations, ‘Hostel’ has bagged the most – 18 nomination, ‘Nai Nabhannu La 2’ has bagged 17 nominations and ‘Moun’ has received 18 nominations.

The nomination of the award is announced as follows:

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Film Award, INFA 2014 nominations (full list of nominations)

[Watch two of the nominations in BEST MOVIE category – Hostel and Nai Nabhannu La 2]

The nominations of the Nepali film award to be held in Hong Kong, International Film Academy Award (INFA 2014), is released in a press conference held in Hotel Hayat. The award ceremony is going to be held on October 26, in Hongkong. The organizers are going to honor film producer Uddav Poudel with the Lifetime Achievement Award. He will receive Rs. 500,000 in cash and certificates in the ceremony.

International Film Academy Award Nominations 2014 nomination

The press conference also featured comedy program of Jitu Nepal and Wilson Bikram Rai. Actresses Priyanka Karki, Nandita KC, Keki Adhikari danced on stage.

In the award ceremony some 60 artists including , Shiva Shrestha, Bhuwan KC and Karishma Manandhar will fly to Hong Kong. Awards will be presented in 20 different categories. The nominations in these categories are as follows:

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NFDC Film Awards 2014, Jhola wins 4 awards

Awards in 20 different categories were awarded in the NFDC National Film Awards 2071 held in the Army Officers Club in Kathmandu. In the event the movie made on a traditional sati practice, ‘Jhola’ has won four different awards including best movie, best director, best actress and best character actress awards.

NFDC film award garima pant

‘Jhola’ won ‘Hira Best Movie award’, it’s director Yadav Bhattarai was awarded ‘Prakash Best Director’, it’s lead actress Garima Pant was awarded ‘Bhuwan Best Actress’ award and it’s character actress Laxmi Giri was awarded ‘Basundhara Supporting Actress’ award.

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Rekha Thapa accused National Award organizers of asking money for the award

In a statement actress Rekha Thapa has told that she had asked the organizers to honor herself. When they refused, she became the only winner of National Film to boycott the ceremony at the President’s residence. 

rekha thapa

Actress Rekha Thapa has accused the organizers of the National Award, Film Development Board, of asking money for the award. In addition to that she has also questioned the capability of the judges and the choice of winners. Here is the summary of Rekha’s statement.

  • Rekha didn’t know about the SAARC Film Festival. If she had known, she would also have participated and might even have won awards.
  • Garima Pant was considered a bad actress until she won SAARC award. If she won the award who became the second?
  • She doesn’t know any Nepali movies participating the SAARC film festival beside ‘Sanghuro’ and ‘Jhola’.
  • ‘Rhythm’ can’t be a best movie. The lead actor in ‘Rhythm’ is Jiwan Luitel not Wilson Bikram Rai who had won the best actor award for the movie.
  • Lead actress in ‘Masan’ is Keki Adhikari not the winner of the best actress Neeta Dhungana . Keki, Priyanka Karki or Richa Sharma are better actress than Neeta.
  • Wilson Bikram Rai and Neeta have no contribution to Nepali film industry when compared to Rekha Thapa or .
  • The jury is incompetent judges. Prakash Subedi, a half-hour-filmy program host doesn’t qualify to be a judge. Story writer Dhurba Chandra Gautam can’t judge acting.
  • Jharana Thapa and Sunil Kumar Thapa are close to Pappu. That is the reason she won an award. In the past she used to win awards in Negative role for the same movie.
  • Rekha knew about the final result. She had told the organizers to honor the contribution of Rekha Thapa and Rajesh Hamal. The organizers had asked money for awards.
  • The communication minister had influenced to award Garima Pant for the year 2070.
  • The award ceremony is a play of money and love-relationships.
  • Rekha’s film ‘Kali‘ wasn’t in the competition.

We believe, these are very serious accusations.

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The President distributed National Film Awards (winners list)

The National Film Award was held at the President’s residence, Shital Niwas. In the ceremony various awards were handed over to the movies released in the last four years.

national film award 2014  (7)

After receiving the award of Best Actress for her role in ‘Masan’ Neeta Dhungana said, "National Award is not about nominations , popularity , lead role , or something its totally about the work that an artist does whether the artist has done side role or main role , 5 scenes or 50 scenes."

national film award 2014  (4)


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NEFTA Award to be held in Hong Kong, Nomination announced (nomination list)

Like earlier years, the Nepal Film Technician Association (NEFTA) is going to organized this year’s award in in a foreign country – Hong Kong. In a program held in Yak and Yeti Hotel, Kathmandu the top 5 nominations for the contest were announced. The nomination list was prepared by the jury after watching 60 Nepali movies.

nefta film award nomination cutting cake

Out of 34 different award categories there are 3 each for actor and actresses. Best and Popular categories have virtually the same artists in the nominations. The organizers had also cut a cake for the success of the award ceremony. The top 5 nomination will be squeezed to top 3 nominations in a program to be held in Pokhara in a later date.

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Film Artists Association honor Garima Pant and Joes Pandey

To honor and appreciate the success of ‘Jhola’ actress Garima Pant and ‘Sanghuro’ director Joes Pandey, Nepal Film Artists Association organized a program on June 23. In the program, the artists were honored by Special Honor Certificate.

Video of the honor ceremony:

Talking at the ceremony Garima Pant and Joes Pandey appreciated the honor provided by the organization. Garima told that the award she and Joes got was actually an award for the entire film industry. She said, the award has proven that our film industry is of international standard. She also appreciated the help of actress Laxmi Giri during the shooting of the movie.

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OFA Award 2071, Nai Nabhannu La 2 win the most awards

An award ceremony for those who can ask as many people to vote for them to win the award – Online Filmykhabar Award 2071 was held in Kathmandu today. The award is organized by filmykhabar.com where you can vote for your favorite movie or artists.

OFA 2017 film award priyanka  (1)

Anyways, here are the winners of OFA 2071:

  • Best Movie – Nai Nabhannu La 2
  • Best Director – Bikash Acharya (Nai Nabhannu La 2)
  • Best Musician – Basanta Sapkota (Nai Nabhannu La 2)
  • Best Singer – Prem Pariyar (Nai Nabhannu La 2)
  • Best Lyricist – Dr. Krishnahari Baral (Nai Nabhannu La 2)

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The President invites and congratulates Grima Pant for winning Best Actress Award

The ‘Jhol’ film actress Garima Pant became one of the best actress in SAARC region after winning the Best Actress award at SAARC Film Festival held in Sri Lanka. The President Ram Baran Yadav welcomed Garima at his residence Shital Niwas to congratulate the actress for winning the award.

Garima had gone to the President’s residence with the journalists. In the meeting the President congratulated Garima and told that she has made us proud. In response, Garima told that it was a very good opportunity for her. She also promised to do better in coming days.

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Rhythm bagged BO Film Award 2071, Rekha Thapa and Jiwan Luitel best actors

In Box Office Film Award ceremony was held on May 18, 2014 in Kathmandu Bikash Acharya‘s movie ‘Rhythm’ bagged the best movie award. Bikash was also awarded the best director award for the movie. Actor Jiwan Luitel was also awarded the best actor award for his role in the movie. 

Rekha Thapa best actress award film award ma  (3)

Actress Rekha Thapa was awarded Public Choice Award and Best Actress Award for her role in ‘Kali‘. ‘Mokshya’ director, Prabin Shrestha was awarded the Best Debut Director. New Actor, New Actress and Supporting Actor were awarded to Anmol KC, Prakriti Shrestha and Salon Basnet respectively for their role in ‘Hostel‘. The movie was also awarded the Public Choice Award.

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Deepa wants to produce another movie, Deepak ‘not interested’ in awards

Encouraged by the success of her debut movie as a producer, Deepa Shree Niraula, told that she wants to produce another Nepali movie. Deepa revealed her desire during the nomination announcement ceremony of Box Office Film Award 2070. Deepa is one of the producers of hit movie ‘Chha Ekan Chha‘. Deepa’s partners in the movie are Deepak Raj Giri and Nirmal Sharma. Nirmal had produced other movies in the past but, ‘Chha Ekan Chha’ is the first movie he could recover his investment.

rekha thapa and deepashree niraula

Although Deepa Shree had acted in various movies in the past and she is basically  a comedy actress, she hadn’t appeared in the hit movie. The movie was nominated for 17 different awards in this year’s Box Office Film Awards.

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