Karishma Manandhar turns 46, the evergreen actress still looks young

Actress Karishma Manandhar has turned 46 on February 4, 2017. Despite of her age, she still looks young and fit.

A video report about Karishma’s birthday.

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Karishma Manahdhar’s past

Karishma was born in Jharuwarasi, Lalitpur as the elder daughter of an army major father, Chhetra Bahadur KC and mother Komal KC. Karishma has a younger sister with her mother and two elder brothers from another mother. Karishma’s father had died when she was little. She spent her childhood in poverty with her single mother at Baneshowr, Thapagaun.
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Shilpa Pokharel threw a surprise birthday party, Chhabi turns 52

One of the most successful film producer of the Nepali movie industry, Chhabi Raj Ojha has turned 52 years old on November 22, 2016. To celebrate his birthday, actress Shilpa Pokharel threw a surprise celebration party. It was a very small and private party with only 4-5 people.

Video report:

Telling about the party Shilpa wrote, “Surprise birthday celebration. Happy birthday to dear Chhabi ji (Baa). Many happy returns of the day.” Shilpa’s excitement can be felt in the way she has written the message. She has repeated “birthday” four times in a 20+ words long message.

Chhabi and Shilpa relationship

Chhabi introduced Shilpa in ‘Lazza’. Shilpa was signed in ‘Kismat 2’ even before the completion of her first movie ‘Lazza’. But ,before ‘Kismat 2’ production started, she was featured in ‘Hawaldar Suntali’. At the time of the release of the first movie ‘Lazza’ they fabricated a news about Chhabi marrying Shilpa. In the interviews after the movie, they admitted that they had lied about the marriage for the promotion of the movie.

Shilpa had once told, “People had come to the theatre just to see Chhabi’s girlfriend.”
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Pooja Sharma cut cake on Shah Rukh Khan Birthday

Nepali actress has shown an extreme fan-love towards Bollywood film star, Shah Rukh Khan. On the 51st birthday of Shah Rukh, Pooja Sharma and the crews of her upcoming movie ‘Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu’ ordered a cake. Pooja cut the cake and shared it with her friends.

In the following video Pooja is seen very excited to celebrate her favourite star’s birthday:

Actress Pooja Sharma debuted in ‘3 Lovers’ with another actress Priyanka Karki. Pooja’s last movie ‘Prem Geet’ was liked by the viewers. She is currently busy in the making of the sequel of the movie ‘Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu’. The producer of ‘Prem Geet’ has also announced another sequel titled ‘Prem Geet 2’.
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Why did Nisha become a Malla? Happy 30th birthday Nisha Adhikari Malla!

UPDATE: Nisha is getting married on June 30, 2017, 4 months before she turns 31 years old.

Video report about Mehandi ceremony:

On her 30th birthday, actress Nisha Adhikari added “Malla” at the end of her name. It is a usual practice of Nepali women to add the surname of their husband at the end of their names. But, Nisha is still single and hasn’t got married yet. Then, why did she added the surname ‘Malla’ in her name?

Watch the following video to know the reason:

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Rekha in negative role, Diarry shooting starts on Chhulthim’s birthday

On the occasion of the birthday of ‘November Rain’ debut actress and the producer of upcoming movie ‘Diarry’, Chhulthim Gurung, the shooting of the movie started in Kathmandu. In an event organized at the Kamaladi Ganesh Mandir in Kathmandu, Chhulthim also shared the birthday cake with the crew members and the guest of the event held on September 11, 2016.

A video report on the event:

The movie ‘Diarry’ was announced in an event held a few days ago. In the event, Chhulthim had told that after the success of Dalli character in ‘November Rain’ she is making a comeback as Joya in ‘Diarry’. This information was also written on the Birthday cake shared during today’s event.
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10 things about Aryan Sigdel on his birthday (hint: how old is Aryan Sigdel?)

I have prepared a vide to wish Aryan Sigel a very happy birthday. But, it took me more than a day to finish the video – so, it is a couple of days late. With belated happy birthday wishes to Aryan Sigdel, here are the information you will get from the video:

  • What is Aryan Sigdel’s age?
  • Where was Aryan Sigdel born?
  • Where is Aryan Sigdel ancestral home?
  • Which is Aryan Sigdel’s first movie?
  • Who is the best actress Aryan Sigdel is featured in most of his hit movies?
  • Which is the first movie produced by Aryan Sigdel?
  • Which are the home production movies of Aryan Sigdel?
  • Did ‘Homework’ become hit ?
  • Which is the upcoming movie of Aryan Sigdel?
  • When is the shooting of his next home production movie start?

Watch the video report:

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Richa Sharma starts her 29th year by donating Rs. 100K to Dhurmus Suntali Foundation

On the occasion of her 29th birthday, Nepali actress Richa Sharma has donated Rs 100,000 to Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation for the construction of Giranchaur Ekikrit Basti in Sindhupalanchowk. Richa handed over the cheque to Kunjana Ghimire ’Suntali’ a day before her birthday that falls on July 16.

Video report:

On the initiation of Dhurmus and Suntali, Giranchaur Ekikrit Basti is being constructed at an estimated the cost of Rs 40 million. The residential units will house 65 earthquake victim families. Richa told that she was impressed by the selfless deed of the foundation and decided to help them for the construction.  Continue reading

Anmol KC birthday, Gajalu first look and Ma Ta Timrai Hoon release date announced

The first look poster of the fourth movie of Anmol KC, ‘Gajalu’ was released on his 22nd birthday, on March 29, 2016. On the same day, the release date of the movie produced by his mother under Anmol KC Films, was also announced. The movie titled ‘Ma Timrai Hoon’ will be released on July 22, 2016.

Video report:

Nepali Movie ‘Gajalu’

The fourth movie of Anmol KC as the leading actor, ‘Gajalu’ was announced last year. Directed by the director of two of his earlier movies – ‘Hostel’ and ‘Jerryy’. ‘Gajalu’ is one of the most awaited movies of this year. The release date of the movie was initially fixed for May 6. Now, the producers have told that there might be a change in the date.
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Sweta Khadka comeback next year, social work on Shree Krishna birthday

In a  report, actress Sweta Khadka is planning a comeback in her home production movie next year. The news came after the recent report of Sweta’s normal life and the return of her smile.

Video report (comeback news towards the end of the report):

Sweta had been mourning the death of her husband of a month, actor Shree Krishna Shrestha who died a month after their marriage last year.

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Congratulation Nisha Adhikari, Mount Kilimanjaro

Nisha celebrated her birthday (on October 4) while climbing the highest peak in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. She has successfully summited the 5756m peak in Tanzania and raised the Nepali flag on top of it and has returned back to Moshi to share the her photos at the peak.

nisha adhikari mt. kilimanjaro peak1

In a Facebook message, Nisha wrote, “FINALLY!!! I summited ‪#‎Uhuru‬ peak at 7 a.m. There was no one around, just me and this gentle soul Abayay. My flag, camera and banners were in a bag pack with a guide and he was nowhere to be seen. We waited for about 15 min freezing and suddenly two figures appeared from the mist. I instantly asked the lady to take a pic of mine there. She wonderfully agreed! So there she was and her guide taking my picture. I thanked her and left as quickly as I could…” In the long message Nisha talks about meeting fellow mountaineers and the being a proud Nepali. In another post, she has expressed her happiness and the feeling of being proud to be able to live her dreams.

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Rekha Thapa turns 34, happy birthday

Correction: Rekha’s age turns out to be 34 instead of 32 as reported earlier. In the Miss Nepal 1999 participation record, Rekha is told to be 18 years-old (The information was pointed out by a friend in Twitter a copy of the record and the tweet are attached at the end).

Nepali actress Rekha Thapa is celebrating her birthday on Staurday, August 22 (Bhadra 5). The youngest daughter of mother Saraswati Thapa and father Prem Thapa, Rekha has turned 32 years today. Rekha’s professional milestones in Nepali film industry:

  • 1983 – Born (August 21, Bhadra 5)
  • 1999 – Miss Koshi, and top 10 in Miss Nepal
  • 2000 – Debut in ‘Hero’ (watch ‘Hero’ here)
  • 2014 – Debut as a director of ‘Himmatwali’ (watch ‘Himmatwali’ here)

rekha thapa in dakshinkali

In the start, Rekha won the hearts of the viewers by her acting and bold appearance. She was also known for bold attire and short dresses in movies. Rekha has acted in about 150 movies so far. She has also been producing movies under Rekha Films. She is currently working in the next movie titled ‘Rampyari’.

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Aryan Sigdel celebrates his birthday with Classic team and at TV Filmy

On the occasion of actor Aryan Sigdel’s birthday, TV Filmy had organized a birthday celebration program. In the program actor Aryan Sigdel celebrated his birthday with fellow artists Jiwan Luitel, Dayahang Rai and others.

aryan sigdel birthday - guiter gift

On Shrawan 20, the birthday party was a surprise party for Aryan. On the party, Aryan told that his wife Sapana Bhandari had surprised him at mid-night by asking him to cut his birthday cake.

Aryan, Jiwan and Dayahang were together in the movie ‘Mero Euta Sathi Chha’. In the movie Aryan was featured in the leading role and Jiwan and Dayahang were in short roles.

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Rajesh Hamal 51st birthday, does he still miss Mania Suchikar?

Rajesh Hamal turned 51 years-old on June 9. In Nepali calender, his birthday is on Jestha 27 but, he celebrates his birthday according to the western calendar. On his birthday, Rajesh didn’t have any celebration plans. On his Facebook, he has shared a last year’s photo of his birthday celebration. In fact, Rajesh hasn’t properly celebrated his birthday since the death of his foster sister in 2012.


In the past, Rajesh used to go to Khagendra Navajiwan Kendra to celebrate his birthday. He had a foster-sister, Maina Suchikar, with whom he used to celebrate his birthday. When Maina died in 2012 his birthday rituals changed after 13 years of celebrating it with her. (read more – Rajesh’s 46-years birthday celebration in 2010). After that he didn’t celebrate birthday until the 50th Golden Jubilee birthday celebrations in Australia.  

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Director Himgyap Lama celebrates his ‘re-birth’ day by visiting earthquake affected areas

Every year on April 27 the ‘Bhimdutta’ director Himgyap Lama used to celebrate his birthday. This year, the situation was a lot different. While everybody were in shock and mourning the April 25 earthquake, the terror hasn’t ceased yet as aftershock tremor continues till the time of this writing.

himgyap lama birthday messag

Himgyap termed his birthday a ‘Re-birth Day’ as he had survived the earthquake that had claimed more than 4,000 people, so far. In his Facebook profile, Himgyap writes:

Today is my birthday, 27 April, Re-Birth Day of mine after unexpected earthquake in Nepal, I was blessed by you all and thank you all wishers and prayers of my life.

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