Birthday message collection (for friends, sisters, and brothers)

Dashain SMS

Happy Dashain 2015

Happy Vijaya Dashami 2072 B.S.

General birthday messages:

You’re always there for me When things tend to go wrong
It’s that faith you have in me That makes our love strong
It’s your loving and your caring And knowing that you’re near That special knack you have Make my troubles disappear
A better lover no woman could want With your sweet and gently ways And knowing that your love for me Is just as strong today
birthday_cake I’m so blessed to have A friend like you
This comes with many loving thoughts
And war
m wishes I send too May your day be filled with laughter
On this your special day And may the finest things in life Always come your way
This birthday card I send Is as warm as it can be
I think you are so special And you mean so much to me.
I’m sending you my love And best wishes your way
Hoping that your birthday Is a very special day.
Happy Birthday !

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Namrata celebrated her 25th birthday

cherry-on-top_namrata_white_t Model/actress Namrata Shrestha wants to do some social activities on the occasion of her birthday. This is her 25th birthday. Actually, it was on Tuesday but she planned to celebrate it formally only on Wednesday.

"I will spend some time in an Aashram (holy shrine). Then, I will celebrate it with my friends in my own way", she said.

From the very early morning on Tuesday her friends and fans had sent her various birthday messages. "I guess, I received more than fifty messages ",she said. She also threw a small party on that day.

Now, she is going to celebrate it full-fledge on Wednesday, with her busy friends who could not make it on Tuesday.

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