Manoj Gajurel marries Manju

Popular comedian Manoj Gajurel has found a new wife after almost 4 years of divorce.

Manoj has given the details about his wife and the marriage ceremony that was held in a temple on October 11, 2021. Only the close family members were present at the ceremony and the event was kept very low-profile. According to Manoj’s statement, Manju seems to be a divorced like Manoj. He has told that she is a government employee and indicated that he doesn’t want to talk about her private life to media.

Here is Manoj’s statement :

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Real reason of Manoj Gajurel divorce

Manoj Gajurel’s divorce is an unique case in Nepali entertainment industry. No other celebrity had sustained such a long married life and divorce after two decade. So far, it is apparent that no third person is involved.

The divorce is a puzzle because – Manoj hasn’t talked to media about divorce. He has confirmed it by writing a long statement in Facebook. But, he is yet to appear in video interviews. His ex-wife however has been quite vocal on the case. She has given vague details of the reasons they have separated. But, there is no concrete and decisive factor that had caused the divorce. Watch the following video report to know what is going on in their relationship.

What is the real reason?

Before deciding on the real reason – some facts need to be analyzed.

  • 22 years of marriage.
  • It was a love marriage. Manoj Gajurel did some bluff calls to Mina for a couple of months before they finally met.
  • 20 years old son and 13 years old daughter.
  • Manoj was 22 years old and Mina was 19 years old when they got married.
  • Manoj is inclined towards CPN UML (Communist) and Meena is inclined towards Nepali Congress. Manoj is still active politically, Meena is not.
  • Meena is a fashion designer by training.
  • Meena had started a fashion boutique before. But, she had to close it down earlier. Now, she has decided to start the similar business in partnership with her daughter.

Manoj says

  • He and Mina come from different background and upbringings.
  • Meena is an angry woman. He thought it was a mental problem and tried to solve by medication.
  • Now, they are officially separated and have done so in mutual understandings.
  • All the property is divided into four parts – among Manoj, Meena, son and daughter.
  • The daughter stays with the mother and the son stays with the father.

Meena says:

Meena has told a lot of different things in different interviews. Some of them seem important others don’t. I will only summarize some of the statements that might have contributed to the decision they made.

  • Everybody at her maternal home call her “Menu” but, Manoj never called her by her pet name. (Her expectations were not met.)
  • Manoj didn’t want Meena to be active. He tried to stop her from being active out of home.
  • Meena wanted to be free. She wants to be active in politics, she wants to try her singing skills, and she also wants to succeed in business.
  • Meena get angry fast but, she also calms down after a while. The anger was linked to mental illness and she took medication for two years. Later it was found out that the medication was unnecessary. Meena accuses Manoj of keeping her under unnecessary medication.
  • Astrologically they don’t match. The astrological signs of Manoj and Meena both is Leo. Meena believes that was one of the reasons they didn’t match.

Based on these facts, I think the real reason of the divorce is the desire of Meena Dhakal to get control of her life. It seems, she has a feeling of being on the shadow of the will known personality in Nepal.

Comedy – Swami Prachandam Bairagyam

Comedy – Swami Prachanda Bairagyam
StarringManoj Gajurel
Special Thanks – Swami Anand Arun, Osho Tapoban

Swami Anand Arun is featured at the start of the shot comedy video explain the importance of laughter in life. Manoj Gajurel has performed this comedy act in Osho Tapoban for the Osho fans. It is an interview program. Maoist leader Hisila Yami is also one of the audience.

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Plans of Nepali celebrities on the World Cup Final day

It is no secret that FIFA World Cup is the most popular sporting event in Nepal and we can see interesting craze of the game among Nepali celebrities. The final of the World Cup between Argentina and Germany starts in few hours and Nepali artists have finished the preparation to watch the game at their favorite locations.

Watch the following slide show to know the plans of Keki Adhikari, Jitu Nepal, Manoj Gajurel, Malina Joshi, and Namrata Shrestha.

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Comedy – A collection of parodies, Tite Jire Gaijatra

This is a collection of Gaijatra parody comedy program recordings held during Gaijatra.

The program titled Tite Jire Gaijatra features comedy artists of popular comedy shows ‘Tito Satya’, ‘Jire Khursani’, and ‘Meri Bassai’.

Tite Jire Gaijatra – Gyanendra comedy by Manoj Gajurel

Comedy dance

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‘My country is not a Birthday Cake’ – Manoj Gajurel

Multi star cast music video of Manoj Gajurel is released on Manoj Gajurel’s birthday, 29 Baisakh, 2067.

The music video and the lyrics are relevant to the current political turmoil in the country. Enjoy the video:

Music:Binod Thapa
Direction: Rajesh Thapa Magar
Lyrics and voice – Manoj Gajurel

The comedy video is not available now.

I will update this post as soon as the movie is available online by the producers.

Till then please visit Nepali movie listing in xnepali to enjoy other Nepali movies.

Manoj Ranjan – Manoj Gajurel Comedy

Best of Manoj Gajurel: ManojRanjan
Casting: Manoj Gajurel with Bhanja Paudel, Nirajan Sigdel, Gopal Dhakal, Kumar Gajurel, Jhuliram Thapa.

This is the placeholder of Manoj Gajurel comedy videos. One of the most popular comedian of the modern times, Manoj Gajurel is popular for the caricature of CPN(Maoist) chairman Prachanda, Baba Ramdev and others.

Manoj Gajurel in Pokhara street festival 2014

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