Top 10 All time Dashain Songs

Dashain is just around the corner and I am already in Dashain mood. I have started listening to Dashain songs whenever I can. I have also made a playlist of 10 Dashain songs for myself. Then, I thought it would be a good idea if I share the list to others who might be looking to listen to Dashain songs.

I have prepared a video report on my selection of songs – broadly categorized in three parts:

1. Feel Good Dashain songs
2. Dashain problem songs
3. Sad Dashain songs

Watch the video report before I list all the 10 songs:

Feel Good Dashain Songs

These are the songs I listen to mostly. They are fun filled and entertaining. They talk about how great Dashain is and how we should enjoy our time. The fun filled songs include that from the movie ‘Muglan’. The song tiled ‘Dashain Aayo’ is feel-good song:
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