Forget petrol and LPG, Sunny Leone brings Vodka in Kathmandu, hot dance in a casino

The Bollywood actress, Sunny Leone, has arrived in Kathmandu Saturday to promote a vodka brand. While the whole country is having a hardship of the lack of fuel, cooking gas, and medicine; the Indian star is promoting the liquor in Kathmandu. To add to the hardship, a political party has also called a Nepal Bandh on Novmeber 29, Sunday to protest against the Indian blockade.

A video report on Sunny’s arrival (the brand apparently is not an Indian brand but a Nepali brand)

Sunny was invited by a new vodka brand Xing. Sunny is the brand ambassador of the brand. Upon her arrival, Sunny performed a sensuous dance at Casino Mahjong in Kathmandu. Sunny performed in a sexy red attire.

sunny leone dances in a Kathmandu casino1

It seems, Sunny’s Nepali visit was very short. According to Sunny’s Twitter post, she has already left for Mumbai. She has thanked Nepal, “for your great hospitality and warm hearts. I love that I am able to walk around your city and discover new things!”

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Sunny Leone ‘working on something special for Nepal’

In a Facebook status post, previous adult film star of Hollywood and the current Bollywood sensation, Sunny Leone, has said that she is ‘working on something special for Nepal … ‎#getsexy‬ see you soon Nepal xoxo’. She hasn’t given any further clue on what her plans are.

Audio report:

Based on her message she is involved in something related to her profession. It might be a shooting or some sort of a program. Her #getsexy hashtag in the message rules out any social works. We will surely know more details of her visit in near future.

Stay tuned!

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Selena Gomez shares photos and videos of her Nepal visit

US actress and singer Selena Gomez went to Nepal representing UN Children’s Fund, UNICEF. She went to remote places in Nepal, but the visit was kept a secret. After returning from Nepal Gomez said, “Visit was extraordinary Powerful, heartbreaking. When you see children under the poverty you know how it is possible that they can be deprived of their basic needs.”

Although some photos taken by her fans had surfaced while she was in Nepal, the only photo she shared was shared on her way back.

Selena shared the following visit of her visit:

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