Nepal Bandha – Organizing leader became a victim

(UPDATE: The Bandha is called back effective 4 PM after Nepali Congress reached in deal with the government)

Forceful closing of streets and business is a serious violation of human rights. Nepal is currently being forced such a day-long bandha, called by Nepali Congress. One of it’s top leaders Ramchandra Poudel’s mother died and he was stopped to drive by the bandh called by himself. If he were a true leader he should have obeyed the bandha and waited till tomorrow to go to his home. But, he choose to ask the police force to escort him to his home in Chitwan to perform the last rites of his mother.

Nepali Congress is the opposition party of the current government, but it has acted like a little kid by going the street to protest the death of one of it’s members. 


(A little girl asking to stop bandha and let her go to school)