Maghe/Makar Shakranti, festival of ghyu, chaku and tarul

The first day of the month Magh is celebrated as Maghe Shakranti or Makar Shakranti. On the day, the most popular ingredients to make delicious food in Nepal are ghee, chaku and boiled yam (locally known as ghyu, chaku, and tarul).

More details on Maghe Shakranti (posted last year)

In Nepal and India, various sweets with sesame seeds are also prepared and eaten on the day. Our own version of ‘rice kipsies,’  commonly known as "muraiko laddu" in Nepal, are also popular, specially among the kids.

In the photo above, delicious varieties of delicacies for Makar Shakranti like Til barphee, til laddoo, badam-til laddoo, til-potlis, and gud-murmura laddu (muraiko laddu) are shown. They were prepared and photographed by Anjana Rana.

Food Hygiene – consumers should be more aware

In the wake of two popular sweets manufacturers using sub-standard raw materials and neglecting the hygiene of the product they sold, it is the time to be more vigilant on the quality of food products being sold in the market.

Sweets are only a tip of the iceberg. Almost every product sold in Nepal are found to be adulterated in some form. Sand is mixed in rice, color in turmeric, cheap flour in expensive one, kerosene in petrol … and the list goes on. The issue of Real juice even involved the governments of India and
Nepal. These facts have proven that the government can do little in such matters. So, the consumers should unite to protest such practices and be more aware of their own health and safety.