Tele Award 2067, Tito Satya got most awards

In-spite of the controversies, TAFON-Media Hub Tele Awards 2067, was held successfully in Kathmandu on May 17, 2010. In the Award ceremony, comedy serial, Tito Satya, won the most number of awards (seven out of 14 awards). Deepak Raj Giri of the serial bagged 3 awards for story, script, and direction categories. The serial Tito Satya was also awarded the best comedy serial. Deepashree Niraula got the best actress, Raj Acharya got the best child actor, and cameraman Bashanta Rupakheti bagged the best cameraman awards.

Shivahari Poudel of Jire Khursani got the best actor award and Jitu Nepal of the same serial got the best dialogue award.

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Tele Award controversy again – be prepared for more boycotts

The first ever Tele Award to be held in Nepal was dragged in controversy when a popular tele-serial, ‘Meri Bassai’, unit decided to boycott it. Some of the nomination were not that good compared to other actors.

Now, the controversy deepened when the top 10 best actors actresses in Nepali television didn’t include ‘the Best’ actors and actress. Most of the nominations are unknown to the larger portion of the audience.

The decision was reached by the mobile SMS voting. The ones who are free and have friends who can send a lot of SMS message got on the top while the best ones were sidelined. Looks like, the procedure in itself is not a fair measure of selection of best actors.

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Miss Nepal nominated Best Comedy Actress, Meri Bassi to boycott Tele Award 2067

Comedy tele-serial ‘Meri Bassai‘ unit is to boycott the 2067 Tele Award as the popular television program is not included in the nomination of Best Comedy Serial award. The first television award ceremony to award television programs and artists of 38 different categories is going to be held on May 13, 2010.

The actors and director-duo of Meri Bassai, Sitaram Kattel (Dhurmus) and Kedar Ghimire (Magne Budha), organized a press conference to announce their dissatisfaction on Wednesday. Although the serial is not included in the nomination of the Best Comedy Serial, it is nominated in 8 other categories including best story, best script, best acting (male), best supporting actor, best supporting actress, best child actor, and best editing categories. The serials nominated for the Best Comedy Award are:

  1. Yahako Chalan
  2. Tito Satya
  3. Jire Khursani
  4. College
  5. Gharbeti Ba

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