Top 5 scandals in Nepali movie industry

This is an update on the post I made a year ago in 2016. There was a new leak of photos of actress Susana Dhakal a while ago. In the photo she is seen in a hotel strategically covering the sensitive parts but without any clothes. The photos were uploaded in her own Facebook page. After the leak she told that she had lost her mobile phone and apparently those photos were in her phone and somebody uploaded them without her consent. The event is a warning to everybody what can happen if you keep the photos you don’t want others to see in your phone. Susana’s scandal was not that big when compared to the following five scandals.

(screenshot credit – Nepal Aaja)

Scandals and the movie industry go hand-in-hand. Scandals are tragic in nature. People need to be more tolerant on such issues. I have compiled a video report on the top 5 scandals involving the Nepali movie industry personalities.

Video report is removed for now. I will prepare an update in near future.

I have discussed about four actresses and a singer.

Shrisha Karki – A photo of Shrisha was published in Jana Astha weekly magazine in 2002. Shrisha committed suicide three days after the incident. The issue created a huge protest on street.

Jyoti Khadka – The scandal involving model and actress Jyoti Khadka and comedy singer Prakash Ojha ruined the career of both the artists. Prakash Ojha was arrested and he completed his jair term. Jyoti Khadka tried her best to live and struggle. But, she also committed suicide in 2012. That was the second such incident in a decade.

Namrata Shrestha – One of the most publicized scandal in the Nepali movie industry was that of Namrata Shrestha. It took a while for Namrata to get over the stress it created. She has gotten over it and is now one of the most successful actress in the Nepali movie industry. This year, Namrata was the undisputed best actress in all the film awards. (So far, Namrata has won 5 Best Actress Awards this year.)

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Pooja Lama – The actress, singer and model Pooja Lama went through the scandal and married the guy involved in it – DJ Shishir. But, the marriage didn’t last long. Pooja had been going through various scandals until she got lost from the entertainment industry. These days, she is reportedly living in a foreign country.

Anju Panta – Anju Panta also went through stressful time after a photo in objectionable position was released online. The photo of a girl in the photo looks similar to Anju. In the video above, Anju explains why the photo that was circulated online wasn’t hers.

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