Valentine Day special – Love story of Rajesh Hamal and his parents

Nepali actor Rajesh Hamal is one of the top actors in the Nepali film industry. Often called Maha Nayak (Super Actor), Rajesh Hamal ruled the film industry for about a quarter century. He prefers to tell that the film industry grew with him. Hamal is credited for :

  • Bringing professionalism in Nepali film industry.
  • Being the first educated actor in the film industry. He had done Masters in English literature from Punjab University in India.
  • He is considered a no-nonsense actor. Unlike other actors, Hamal kept himself from having affairs with the actresses. Although there were rumours of his affair, all rumours turned fake. Actresses had termed him as the coldest actor in the film industry.
  • Rajesh is a good orator and can easily impress the listener by his oratory skills. Proficiency in his English language is also something not seen in the Nepali film industry.
  • The height, looks and the physique have also been factors that attracted youngsters of his time.

Rajesh Hamal Love Story

Rajesh Hamal kept his affair with a model girlfriend, Madhu Bhattarai for a long time. After knowing each other for a decade, Madhu and Hamal got married few days before he turned 50-years-old.

The love story of Rajesh Hamal is very interesting. Watch the following video on the love story of Rajesh Hamal:

Rajesh Hamal parents love story

And, there is another interesting love story in Rajesh Hamal’s family – his parent’s. Rajesh Hamal’s father Chura Bahadur Hamal and his mother Renu KC met while travelling from India to their homes in Palpa, Nepal. That was how they met for the first time. After that, the story has every twists of a movie. Watch the following video to learn know their love affair and the marriage.

It was a really deep love and they appreciated each other very much. Chura Bahadur Hamal loved his wife so much that he named all of his children after her name – the first letter of all five children starts with “R”, the first letter of Renu KC Hamal.

First they had twin girls – Rita Hamal and Rekha Hamal. Rajesh Hamal was the third child. Then came two more R’s – Rakesh Hamal and Rupa Hamal.

Watch the video :

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