Yadav Kharel biography

Yadav Kharel is a filmmaker, lyricist and writer. He debuted in the film industry in 1989 with ‘Cheli Beti’. He was the director, producer, story writer and lyricist of the movie. The movie was was made on a the story of Nepali women sold into prostitution in Indian cities. The film dealt with the challenges they face in reintegrating back into society upon returning home. The movie featured Arjun Jung Shahi, Tika Pahadi, Gauri Malla, Mithila Sharma and Sharmila Malla in main roles. The screenplay was written by Laxminath Sharma and Ashesh Malla.

  • Cheli Beti (1989)
  • Lobhi Papi (1990)
  • Aandhi Beri (1991)
  • Prem Pinda (1993)
  • Shree Swosthani (1994)
  • Naso (1997)
  • Aadikabi Bhanubhakta (1999)
  • Hatteri (2000)
  • Mahakabi Devkota (2001)

Yadav Kharel Biography

Yadav Kharel was born on February 23rd, 1943 in Kavrepalanchowk District, Nepal to father Gopi Krishna Kharel and mother Saraswati Devi Kharel. Kharel spent his childhood in Kharel Thok of Kavre, Kathmandu and Norgho in Saptari.

Yadav Kharel did his schooling in Padmodaya School. After completion of Bachelor’s degree from Tri-Chandra College, he also obtained a Bachelor of Law and a Master’s degree in Economics from Tribhuvan University. He was one of the first Nepali filmmakers who also studied film making. He had received a diploma in Film Direction and Production from London Film School in 1971.

Yadav Kharel is one of the pioneering figure of the Nepali film industry who had produced and directed critically acclaimed films. In his career of more than five decades Kharel has also written more than 300 songs and has released 16 music albums.


Right after he returned from Lond Film School, he was appointed the Executive Chairman of Royal Nepal Film Corporation and he served the organization from 1972 to 1975. He was also the founding Chairman of Nepal Film Producer’s Association (1998) and the Founding Chairman of the Film Development Board (2000-2002).

Kharel was also the chief coordinator of the National Film Policy Draft Committee adopted by the government in 2014.

Kharel’s most critically appreciated film is “Prem Pinda” is based on the novel written by the dramatist, Bal Krishna Sama. The film was the first screen adaptation of a historical novel that was set during the Rana regime. In addition to directing the movie, Kharel also wrote the screenplay and the lyrics of the movie. The movie as a huge commercial success and the songs are still popular, a quarter century after the release of the movie.

Kharel likes variety in his work. He did comedy/ satire movie (Lobhi Papi), historical drama (Prem Pinda), historical biopic (Aadikabi Bhanubhakta and Mahakabi Devkota) and mythology (Shree Swosthani).

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