Tihar song from ‘Fitkiree’ released, other Deusi and Tihar songs collection

On the occasion of Tihar a Bhailo song of an upcoming movie ‘Fitkiree’ was released. The movie made on an investigative thriller produced by Megha Entertainment is directed by Anup Baral. The movie starring Saugat Malla, Deeya Maskey, Shanti Giri, Nischal Basnet, Sujata Koirala etc. in main roles.

fitkiree name

More Tihar songs:

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Tihar – Deusi Bhailo songs (videos)

UPDATE:Introduction to Tihar festival was posted previously. The post featured all the details of the five days of Nepali festival Tihar.

Tihar, the second biggest festival in Nepal, is just around the corner. We sing Deusi and Bhailo songs and it is a right time to remind ourselves about how those songs are sung. we have collected som Deusi Bhailo songs for you to prepare yourselves for the festival:
UPDATE Deusi Bhaili songs

Bhai Tika Maa Aaunu Hai Raju Lama


Adhar Ma Aaja Unkai Cha (Tihar Song from Anyaya Movie)



bhailini aayin agana

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