10 successful Nepali movies out of 46 Films released in 2079 Year

In the year 2079 there were a total of 46 films released from the first day Baisakh 1 to Chaitra 24. That is an indication of the recovering of the film industry after the start of the pandemic in the New Year of 2077.

Baisakh 1 release – “A Mero Hajur 4” featured Anmol KC and Suhana Thapa in leading role and was successful. That was a good start of the year. The year started with a sequel and most of the successful movies released this year had been sequel movies. In addition to A Mero Hajur 4 other sequels Chhakka Panja 4, Prem Geet 3, Kabbaddi 4 all were successful in the box office. The last movie to release in 2079 – “Bahab” featuring Surakshya Panta in leading role was released on the last Friday of the year, Chaitra 24.

The movies that failed to be up to the expectation were multi-starrer film “Timro Mero Saath” of Shiva Shrestha, “December Falls” & Anmol KC’s flim ‘Chhadke 2″. It was an interesting incident of Anmol KC apologizing for the failure of Chhadeke.

Here are the 10 successful movies of 2079:

1. Kabaddi 4 became the record-breaking film in terms of box-office collection in the history of Nepali movies. The movie featuring Dayahang Rai, Miruna Magar and Saugat Malla was the last in the Kabaddi series. Although the sequel continues – the name of the upcoming movie is told not to contain the name ‘Kabaddi’ but, it will be named after Saugat Malla’s character.

2. Chhakka Panja 4 – This is another record-breaking sequel of Nepali film industry. The movie released in previous sequels were equally popular and successful. Although the first three sequels were directed by Deepa Shree Niraula, the fourth sequel invited Hem Raj BC to direct it. The role of leading actress Benish Hamal was appreciated.

3 A Mero Hajur 4 – Another successful sequel movie featuring the daughter of the producer and the director of the movie, Suhana Thapa, in leading role. Suhana and Anmol were featured in the third and the fourth sequel.

4 ‘Prem Geet 3’ another successful movie was also the third sequel of two previous hits. The movie released in Nepal and India with Hindi-dubbed version was a new record in Nepali film industry. Although the movie received sub-par reviews it was successful in box-office collection

5. Jhinge Dau – The movie directed by Gyanendra Deuja was liked by the viewers. The movie released with Sudarshna Thapa’s film, ‘Samhalinchha Kahile Maan’, with Pooja Sharma and Aakash Shrestha in leading role was clearly an unexpected hit.

6. Dui Nambari – The movie by director Dipendra Lama was also successful.

7. Ke Ghar Ke Dera – Movie by director Dipendra Ka Khanal was also successful in recovering the investment.

8. Mahapurush – The movie featuring Maha’s Ha – Haribansha Acharya is the story of a single adult, and it was successful in box-office. The movie directed by Pradeep Bhattarai was another hit of the year.

9. Fulbari – Ram Babu Gurung directed movie received good review and was considered another hit movie of the year 2079.

10. Aina Jhyalko Putali – The movie might not be considered a hit movie but, it is told to have recovered the investment.

Other successful movies are Secrets of Radha, Paniphoto, Chiso Manchhe, Dokh etc. Please comment if you don’t agree with the Top 10 list. Thanks.

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