Nepali Films by artists

We have compiled the profiles and their respective movies in the individual pages of individual artists. The list is prepared manually and are updated when required. You might also be interested in the list of links to the Facebook pages of Nepali artists and the latest Nepali movie updates in xnepali.


Watch the Movies produced by Chhabi Raj Ojha.

Nepali Actors:

Click here for the list of all the movies of Saugat Malla and Shristi Shresthq.

Actor and director – Dinesh DC biography and films.

The biography of Hari Bamsha Acharya and the list of Hari Bamsha movies:
hari bamsha acharya movies

The biography of Madan Krishna Shrestha and the list of Madan Krishna movies:

madan krishna shrestha movies

Suman Singh profile and the list of movies in xnepali:

Suman Singh movies

Saroj Khanal profile and the list of his movies in xnepali (read all post related to Saroj Khanal here)

saroj khanal films

Ramesh Upreti biography and the list of his movies in xNepali

ramesh upreti movies

Dhiren Shakya biography and his movies (all posts related to Dhiren Shakya)

dhiren shakya films

Bhuwan KC movies and biography (see all posts related to Bhuwan KC here)

bhuwan kc movies

Biography of Nikhil Upreti and movies (read all posts related to Nikhil Upreti here)

Nikhil Upreti films

Click on the following icon to read the biography of :

films of shreekrishna shrestha

Click on the following image for the list of movies (recent updates only) and the biography of :

rajesh hamal films

Biography of Dilip Rayamajhi and the list of movies featuring Dilip Rayamajhi:

dilip rayamajhi films

Biography of Aryan Sigdel and the list of movies featuring Aryan Sigdel (link coming soon):

aryan sigdel's films

Biography of Biraj Bhatt and the movies posted in xnepali featuring Biraj Bhatt:

biraj bhatt films

Biography of Shiva Shrestha and the links to the movies posted in xnepali featuring Shiva Shrestha:

Shiva Shrestha Films

Nepali Actresses

Biography and films of Sanchita Luitel

Biography and the list of movies of Deepa Shree Niraula

Biography and the movies of Usha Poudel

The biography of Jharna Thapa and the list of movies featuring Jharana:

jharana thapa films

Click on the following image to read the biography and the list of movies featuring Jal Shah (All the posts tagged Jal Shah):

films of jal shah

Full movies and biography of Niruta Singh (or, all posts related to Niruta Singh)

niruta-singh films

Full list of movies of late actress Shrisha Karki and Shrisha’s biography :

shrisha karki films

Biography of Jharana and the list of full movies of Jharana Bajracharya in xnepali (or, all the articles tagged Jharana Bajracharya.)

jharana bajracharya films

Biography of Rekha Thapa and the list of movies featuring Rekha:

rekha thapa films

Biography of Karishma Manandhar and the list of movies featuring Karishma:

films of karishma

Biography of Bipana Thapa and a list of full movies featuring Bipana:

movies of bipana

Biography of Neeta Dhungana and a list of Neeta’s movies in xnepali:

neeta dhungana film

Nepali Directors

The biography and the list of movies featuring Nir Shah in xnepali:

nir shah movies

Movies of Narayan Puri and biography of Narayan Puri.

movies of narayan puri

Biography of Rishi Neupane and full movies of Rishi:

movies of rishi lamichane

Biography of Alok Nembang and the movies of Alok posted in xnepali:

alok nembang films

Biography of Shiva Regmi and the movies of Shiva Ragmi posted in xnepali:
films of shiva regmi

Biography of Tulsi Ghimire and the movies of Tulsi Ghimire posted in xnepali:
tulasi ghimire films

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