TOP 10 Most Watched Nepali Music Videos of 2079

Onlinekhabar has published the list of the top watched music videos of the year 2079. The list includes the music videos released in YouTube from Baisakh 1, 2079 to Chaitra 2079. The ranking is purely view based. Various types of music videos are featured in the top 10

1. The most watched video is titled “Lajalu Mayalu” of singers Urgen Dong and Anu Chaudhary. The 3 minutes long song released 6 months ago and features the music of Urgen and Birendra Dong. The song was also viral in TikTok. At the time of this writing the song is viewed in excess of 40M. The music video is directed by Bikash Prasai

2. The second in the list is titled “Chamak Chamak” by Santosh Sunar. The song release 8 months ago has more than 30 M views. The song features Aashish Sachin, Ranjita Thapa, Anxmus. The music video directed by Shann Thapa features lyrics and music of the singer himself.

3. Sajjanraj Vaidya is ranked in third with views in excess of 21 M. The music video titled ‘Dhairya” was released 5 months earlier. The music video is directed and edited by Breezendra.

4. The fourth in the rank is Doma Hyolmo’s song titled ‘Kalo Chasma’. The music video has views in excess of 20 M and the music video was released only four months earlier. The lyrics and the music is composed by Doma Hyolmo herself.

5. Fifth in the list is Shanti Shree Pariya’s song ‘Solatae Bazar’. The song released 6 months ago has collected 20M views so far. The music video features singers Shanti Shree Pariyar and Nishchal Dawadi. Nischal is also the lyricist of the song. Sunil Chhetri has written the story, choreography and direction of the song.

Shanti Shree Pariyar’s another song with Hari Bansha Acharya titled ‘Kauli’ is also gaining popularity. In less than a month of release, the song has received in excess of 5.5M in views. The song features another singer Prakash Saput too. With Haribansha Acharya and Priyanka Karki and Balkrishna Oli the song is expected to gain more popularity in coming days.

6. A Hora maya by Himal Sagar and Anu Chaudhari has received almost 20M views in 4 months of release. The song written and music composition by Bimal Adhikari is directed by Mausam Himali. The music video features Bimal Adhikari with Sanisha Bhattarai.

7. Another Urgen Gong song titled ‘Hamro Yo Maya Nachutos) with Benisha Poudel features NIranjali Lama and Laxman Rai. The song released 10 months ago has 18M views in YouTube

8. Chhakka Panja 4 song ‘Darshan Salam’ is ranked 8th with views in excess of 17M in 2 months of it’s release. The song features Deepak Raj Giri, Swastima Khadka, Deepa Shree Niraula, Buddhi Tamang, Raj Acharya, Nirmal Sharma, and Kedar (Magne Budha)

9. Tanka Timilsina’s song Meri Champa has views in excess of 16M views in 2 months of its release. The song features Sushma Magar with Tanka Timilsina and Bikram Chauhan in the music video. The music is produced by Anxmus and Bikram Chauhan is the director and choreographer.

10 Chhunumunu Chhunumunu by Ashish Aviral received 15M views in 7 months of release.

In addition to special mention of some of the songs are required. For example, a ghazal by Tilak Singh Pela was quite popular and made him known to a lot of people as a popular singer. The song had more than 6M views. Another popular song ‘Jarruri Kuraa Chha” of Samhalinchha Kahele Man film received 12M vies in 9 months of release. Film Kabaddi 4’s song ‘Keshari’ by SD Yogi received 13 M views. Shiva Pariyar’s song ‘Fulai Ful Dinchhu ki’ has 10M views in 7 months. Fateko Man of Pashupati Sharma, Babari Rang of film Babari and Prakash Dutraj’s Man Bhulchha also received considerable views in YouTube.

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