Shristi Shrestha & Saugat Malla breakup rumor

UPDATE: Saugat Malla has confirmed the break-up. Online khabar has published his statement. The statement states that they have decided to go in separate path and focus on their career. He has told that it was decided by mutual understanding. Six months earlier, during the release of Nepali movie ‘Radha’, he had told about marriage. On his statement, the marriage talk was because of the pressure from the media. Full detail in the following video report:

Miss Nepal 2012 Shristi Shrestha and actor Saugat Malla had been seeing each other for a long time. The relationship was no secret, and they were planning to get married. Saugat Malla also went to UK to meet Shristi’s parents and plan marriage. While they were preparing for the marriage, COVID happened, and the lockdown changed everything. Now, the rumor of their breakup is being talked about.
The reasons:

1) Shristi has left Nepal and is living with her parents in London these days.
2) Saugat Malla is in Nepal
3) Saugat and Shristi have stopped sharing photos of each other in social media.
4) Both Shristi and Saugat used to recommend each-other in their movies. Now, it seems they have stopped doing that. The news of Saugat Malla signing in ‘Camino’ and Shristi is not in the movie is just one of such news.

The relationship history:

Saugat and Shristi started dating in 2016. The rumor started in September of 2016. Shristi told that she had met Saugat in an event in Pokhara and they were in denial stage at that time. Soon they were having some quality time together as they were spotted together in various locations.

I wrote about their Rara lake tour in November of 2016. In February of 2017 they were seen together in a movie show. After that, they were seen together in all the public events and their affair was no longer a secret.

Before that, a model, Soni KC had claimed herself to be the girlfriend of Saugat Malla, but he denied her claim and even lodged a police complaint against her.

Who is Shristi Shrestha

Although living in UK, Shristi Shrestha represented her hometown of Chitwan in the Miss Nepal 2012 beauty pageant as the winner of Miss Chitwan 2012. She won the Miss Nepal World 2012 and the Miss Confidence title in the Miss Nepal 2012.

In the Miss World 2012 competition, Shristi made a history of being the first Miss Nepal to secure her place in quarter-finals of Miss World. She was one of the Top 20 in the competition. She also was in the eighth position in Beach Beauty, and was also one of the top 10 contestants for the Multimedia Award. She also won the ‘Public Choice award’ in the Miss World 2012. Like many Miss Nepal winners, Shristi also wanted to be an actress. She debuted in the leading role in “Gajalu” opposite Anmol KC.. She also debuted as a theatre actress in a play named “Ophelia” based on Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. The play organized by British Council, and directed by Gregory Thomson, was played for a month in the Theatre Village in Kathmandu.

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