Malvika Subba Divorce, a surprising revelation by Malvika herself

Malvika Subba has indicated that she is divorced and is raising her child as a single mother. Another important revelation in a program held last week in Kathmandu was that the marriage had fallen apart during her pregnancy in 2015/16. When she was pregnant her husband wouldn’t sleep with her and she was left alone to worry.

According to her statement, the relationship worsened after the birth of their son. It seems, she decided to separate take care of her 6-months-old son all by herself in her parental home. Because of the stress at that time, she told about going to therapy.

In that process, her friend Nilu Dolma helped Malvika with the moral support (Nilu Dolma died the next year at the age of 33). Nilu was the director of the movie Malvika produced – “How Funny” featuring Keki Adhikari, Nisha Adhikari and Priyanka Karki in leading roles.

Who is Malvika Subba?

Miss Nepal 2002 Malvika Subba was born on July 19, 1981 as the third child of her parents after two sons. Her mother a Brahmin origin woman who had cut her ties with her parents to marry Malvika’s father, a Limbu. When she gave birth to Malvika, she was in her 40s. Inspired by her mother, Malvika had planned to get pregnant after she turned 40. But, because of the covid lockdown and uncertainty, she decided to get pregnant when she was 35.

Malvika met her future husband Riyaj Shrestha in 2009 during her USA visit. The affair started when Riyaj returned back to Kathmandu in 2011. After one and a half years long affair, they decided to get married on 25 April, 2012. They gave birth to their first and only child in 2016 and named him Jayir Shrestha the name that when spelled backward, is his father’s name Riyaj.

Malvika had been very active and strong woman – an inspiration to a lot of young girls. But, she has expressed her fears and shortcomings in the interview about her motherhood experience.

In the past she had worked as :
Sales and Marketing Manager of Shangrila Housing
Assistant Producer of Voice of India
Producer/Anchor of a number of shows of Kantipur Television
Editor of a monthly Navyata Magazine
Editor of another monthly– Wave Magazine
Co-Founder of fashion attire company– House of Alternative Apparel
Goodwill Ambassador – Childreach Nepal
Board Member of NGO – Himalaya Climate Initiative
Executive Producer of Nepali film – How Funny (2016 movie)
Jeevan Saathi, TV show – Presenter and producer


Malvika was very close to her father and wasn’t much close to her mother in her childhood days. But, she lost her father in her childhood. After that, Malvika found that in spite of being strict, she was a very good friend.

As a child, Malvika was a very smart kid. Although the elder brothers had gone to the government school, Malvika got education in a private school. She used to be in the top three position in her class. She was also active as a sports person. Being a tom boy like person, tall and smart, most of the boys keep themselves at a distance from her. In her younger days, she was also a very tough person, who was always ready to fight – be it boys or girls.

2012 photo of Malvika Subba’s wedding

2016 Photo of Malvika and Riyaj holding their son Jayir

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