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Deepak Raj Giri & Barata on every Monday of Shrawan

Comedy actor, producer and script writer Deepak Raj Giri is better known as the producer of Chhakka Panja series of movies and before that, he was better known as Deepak of ‘Tito Satya’. After more than a decade of doing TV serials, Deepak and Deepa started film production with ‘Chha Ekan Chha’. The movie was an instant success. ‘Woda Number Chha’ followed and ‘Chhakka Panja’, ‘Chha Maya Chhapakai’ and so on.

Deepak is known as a very religious person. He is a devotee of lord Shiva. The month of Shrawan is the month of Shiva. Shrawan is also the month of worshiping and celebration. Deepak Raj Giri says that he will practice Brata on all five Mondays this month.

Deepak says, “Instead of some sort of Devine benefit, the practice offers the inner-cleansing and satisfaction. This is also some sort of dedication and sacrifice.”

Deepak says, “I am a very religious person. My family is also religious.” He says that he regularly fast on religious occasions. In Shrawan he fasts for 5 days on every Monday. In Dashain he fasts for nine days. On every Ekadahsi, he eats vegetarian foods.

He also regularly visits Temples on regular basis. Mostly his choice of temples are those of Shiva and Krishna. He regularly visit Pashupati temple and ISKON temple. About visiting temples, Deepak says, “It feels good to visit temple. But, I don’t go to temple to offer Rs. 5 to ask for Rs. 5 lakh.”
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Palpasa Dangol Chamsuri kidney failure, hospitalized

The popular comedy actress of ‘Meri Bassai’ serial, popularly known as Chamsuri is sick and is being treated in Teaching Hospital Maharajgunj, Kathmandu.

According to report, both of her kidney have stopped working. Previously she was being treated for kidney problem. Now, they have stopped working and she is pleading for help in transplant.

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Nepali Actress who changed their original names – Karishma to Jenny Kunwar

Wishing Jenny Kunwar soul rest in peace, let’s see how actresses changed names after they entered film industry.

Jenny Kunwar’s original name was Janaki Kunwar. In the credit of her first movie ‘Jindagani’, her name is original name. The movie featuring Dilip Rayamajhi, Karishma Manandhar, Pooja Chand, Rajesh Hamal in main roles has Jenny’s original name Janaki Kunwar in the credit. Later she became popular as Jenny.

Having an old fashioned name is considered an hurdle to success. So, a lot of artists change their name to cachy and interesting one. Changing the name doesn’t change their official name. So, they have different popular names and different official names on official documents. In the past, the producers and the directors suggested names to actresses.
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Prakash Saput: a house in Kathamndu and Rs. 5M car, music pays well!

Being an artist and earning a good sum of money in Nepal is not that easy. In such a odd situation, singer Prakash Saput is an exception. He has earned a lot and has built a house in Kathmandu and has also bought a new car.

Pakash Saput has shared the news by sharing the photos of his new car. The new car is a white Hundai Creta 2019. He has paid the cost in full and has told that, “My dream, struggle, creation, success! Your support, help and best wishes. It might be an inspiration to those who like to dream – “even the artists can have their own car. This is my life’s first car – Hundai Creta 2019 !”

Prakash Saput is one of the most talented singer and musician in the Nepali entertainment industry. Some of his songs like ‘Galbandi’ are very popular among Nepali audiance. By his earning he had bought a house two years ago.
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Suhana Thapa; hot legs in the USA

Suhana Thapa is the new sensation in the Nepali film industry. The daughter of the producer and actress Jharana Thapa and Sunil Kumar Thapa, Suhana is their only child. Suhana debuted in the Nepali film industry in their home production movie ‘A Mero Hajur 3’ with Anmol KC. The debut movie was very successful, opening the door of success for Suhana.

Now, she is waiting for things to get normal for the release of her second movie, ‘A Mero Hajur 4’. Doing her Bachelors in the USA she has left Nepal after the completion of the shooting of the movie. The movie was supposed to release on Bhadra 18 according to the initial schedule. The release of the movie is uncertain given the current situation of lock-down and reluctance of the viewers to visit movie theater to watch movie.

As the release of her movie is uncertain she is sharing her videos and photos in social media. He mother Jharana Thapa has shared some of Suhana’s photos in USA. In the photos she is featured in white dress consisting of short skirt. Here are some of the most interesting photos of Suhana.

Spiritual side of Suhana:

Suhana is a Krishna devotee. She is much more interested into spiritual side of life. In the following video Suhana has talked with spritual guru and Ani about ways of life. This is a part of a series of talk about the current situation and the ways of living.

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Rakshya Shrestha has become a mother to a daughter (Photos)

Popular actress of comedy telefilm ‘Bhadragol’ and later in ‘Sakkigoni”, Rakshya Shrestha, has become a mother to a daughter. Rakshya Shrestha had secretly married and she had also kept the birth of the daughter for about two months. Although some online reports had reported about her child to be son. But in reality, Rakshya has told that the newborn is a girl child.

Rakshya has named her daughter Mahira Gurung. Rakshya has shared the photos of her daughter in social media on July 7, 2021 on the occasion of her birthday.
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RIP Jenny Kunwar, actress and producer of Nepali movies

It’s a sad news – actress and producer Jenny Kunwar is no more. According to police, she was found hanging in her apartment at Sunrise Apartment, Thapagaun, Kathamandu.

video report (update):

According to Minbahadur Lama, DSP of Baneshwor Police office, she was found at her apartment on July 8, 2021.

Jenny Kunwar had acted in a number of Nepali movies including ‘Dhoom’, ‘Maidan’ ‘Don’ and other films. I have shared a number of her movies in the past.

In addition to acting she had given voice to a number of songs and had also made music videos in past. Last year, she was seen in Pashupati area dancing in prayers. Based on her activities in the past, it is believed that she was depressed.

I will update this post with more details after a while.
Rest in peace Jenny Kunwar.

Jenny’s original name is Janaki Kunwar.

(A part of 2010 Dec 22 report) After producing Ghayal and Hulchal, the female producer and actress Jenny Kunwar has decided to halt the production business. She has started to spend more time in meditation and spiritual studies. None of the two movies with names copied from Hindi movies could leave any impression to the audience. Although Ghayal could raise it’s investment, Hulchal was a total loss.

Jenny says that it was much more difficult to market the movie than producing. Film critics say that movies produced by Jenny have no originality as the name themselves were borrowed from Hindi movies.

According to Jenny, film production is a stressful job. She hopes meditation relieve the tension related to various problem she has and she had plans to go to India and other countries to continue in her spiritual journey.

Ex-King Gyanendra turned 75 years old on July 7, Oldest of all the kings of Nepal

That is a big milestone for ex-kings in Nepal. Being 75 is huge because, no other kings in Nepal had been that old.
According to the historical record in Wikipedia, Rajendra Bikram Shah lived the most in the past. He died at the age of 68.

Gyanendra was born on 7 July 1947 as the second official son of King Mahendra. He reigned as the King of Nepal from 2001 to 2008. As a child, he was briefly ascended the throne to become the king from 1950 to 1951, when his grandfather, Tribhuvan, went on exile in India with the rest of his family.
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RIP Mr. Virgin director Bisharad Basnet

Bisharad Basnet is an actor, writer and director in Nepali Film Industry has died of corona on July 2, 2021. The last rituals of Basnet was done on the same day at Pashupati Aryaghat. He was being treated at Medacity Hospital in Lalitpur. Bishard Basnet was 39 years old.

Basnet directed nepali movie Mr. Virgin and was also the assistant director of Yeta Na Uta. He was the Creative Director For Nepal Film And Television Academy. He had acted in Ashim Shah’s movie Dui Rupaya and Subrat Acharya’s movie ‘Sushree Sampati’.

Born in India, Basnet has his roots in Nepal due to his mother. He had over 20 years of professional theatre experience and is trained teachers in India and abroad. He was instructor a the Everest Film Acadamy, Minbhaban.

Basnet’s family had faced two more tragedies four months ago when his maternal grand mother and his father had died of Covid. Bisharad is survived by his 1 year old daughter, wife, sister and mother who had survived after being tested Covid positive.

Although he had tested Covid negative, his health didn’t imporved and he was kept in ICU for 40 days prior to his death, that was after being tested Covid negative.

On May 16 he wrote: “Why So Serious ? It’s Just Corona”

UPDATE: When the pandemic began Dr. Bisharad Basnet had started working on a new project – Lal Salaam. He had also done expeditions with Clowns without Borders, Sweden to Nepal. He was the founder of Acting School of India, Mumbai and had trained more than 1000 actors, writers and directors in different part of India and Nepal. In addition to that, he was guest faculty to different film schools in India & Nepal.

Queen Aishwarya of Nepal; Biography

This is an update of Queen Aishwarya Shah of Nepal. Originally she was Chandani Rana before marriage. King Birendra used to call her Chandani or the Queen.

She was known for having a lot of anger. Here is a report on an incident to show how she behaved at times and how King Birendra dealt with her:

Queen Aishwarya Shah was known as one of the most beautiful ladies of her time. She was celebrated as a woman of classical beauty, famous for her hairstyle and the fashion style.

Biography of Queen Aishwarya

Born on 7 November 1949 in Lazimpat Durbar, Lazimpat, Kathmandu and died at the age of 51 in the Royal Massacre at Narayanhiti Palace on 1 June 2001. She was the eldest daughter among the three daughters of General Kendra Shumsher Jang Bahadur Rana (1921–1982) and Shree Rajya Lakshmi Devi Shah (1926–2005).
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Devyani appointed Coca-Cola India’s vice president Public Affairs, Communications, and Sustainability

In a report published on July 1, 2021 Devyani Rajya Laxmi Rana has joined the Coca-Cola India’s leadership team as the vice president Public Affairs, Communications, and Sustainability overseeing the company’s business in India and Southwest Asia. Devyani has more than 25-years of experience working for the government and corporate affairs. She is an expert on business strategy, risk management, CSR, communication and sustainability.

In the past, Devyani had worked as the director of Public Affairs for India, Nepal, Bhutan for Caterpillar India. Before joining Caterpillar, she had worked with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and United Nations (UN) in India and The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, Geneva, Switzerland World Economic Forum (WEF).
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Actress Supuspa Bhatta marries producer boyfriend (Video, update)

The actress who debuted in Nepali film industry in Nepali movie ‘Ranveer’, Supuspa Bhatta, has married her boyfriend Raunak Bikram Kandel in an event held at Gokarna Forest Resort on July 2, 2021. In the marriage ceremony held among close friends and family members, Raunak applied sacred sindoor on Supuspa’s head. The couple promised to live together through out their lives in front of burning fire in Yagyna.

The couple was engaged to get married on Baisakh 15. Because of the current lockdown condition the wedding ceremony was more like private function. The couple was seeing each other for about a year.

UPDATE: Wedding video report and a review of the engagement video:

Bride, Supuspa debuted in ‘Ranvir’ and acted in ‘Chha Maya Chhapakai’ and ‘Chapali Height 3’. Among her movies, ‘Chapali Height 3’ is yet to release.

The groom, Raunak Kandel, was one of the producers of the superhit movie ‘Kabaddi’ featuring Dayahang Rai in leading role. After the success of the first movie as a producer, Kandel produced a number of other movies like ‘Mr. Jholey’. These days, he is told to be busy in other businesses and has stopped producing movies.

We at xnepali wish Supuspa and Raunak a very happy married life and their love grow as the time passes.

Biography of Nir Shah (Neer Bikram Shah)

A well known personality of Nepali film industry as a film director, actor and a businessman, Neer Bikram Shah, is commonly known as Neer Shah or Nir Shah. Being related to the former Royal family of Nepal, created a certain aura around him but, that doesn’t undermine his capacity as a talented artist. He has multiple identities – as an actor is is top class actor in negative role, as a producer and director he is the director of many super-hit films. He is a well known poet, lyricist and a successful businessman. In addition to that he has also written scripts of a number of films.

Nir Shah debuted as an actor in ‘Paribartan’ an 2024 B.S. release film directed by Hira Singh Khatri. He was paid Rs. 700 for the role.
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Miss Mexico is Miss Universe 2020, Anshika Sharma returned empty handed

Miss Nepal Universe 2020 Anshika Sharma couldn’t impress the judges at the Miss Universe 2020 competition. The competition held on May 16, 2021 at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida, United States. In the event, Miss Universe 2019, Zozibini Tunzi of South Africa crowned her successor Andrea Meza, Miss Mexico as the new Miss Universe 2020. Miss Brazil was placed in second place.

The top five in the competition were:

In the competition, contestants from 74 countries and territories had participated. The host of the competition were Mario Lopez and Olivia Culpo. In the past, Mario Lopez had served as the host of Miss Universe 2007. Olivia Culpo was a previous winner of the competition. She was crowned Miss Universe in 2012.

In the competition, Paulina Vega and Demi-Leigh Tebow served as expert analysts, and Cheslie Kryst had served as a backstage correspondent. Paulina Vega was Miss Universe 2014, Demi-Leigh Tebow was Miss Universe 2017, and Cheslie Kryst was Miss USA 2019. Luis Fonsi, a Puerto Rican singer also performed during the competition.
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