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Nepali Movie – Sambodhan (Dayahang Rai, Namarata Shrestha)

Nepali Film – Sambodhan
Starring – Dayahang Rai, Namrata Shrestha etc.
Director – Hemraj BC.

This 2015 release film, was featured Namrata Shrestha as a crime reporter. The movie however didn’t do well in theatre although it won some awards. Actor Dayahang Rai had actually won the National Award for his role in this movie. With Dayahang and Namrata other artists in the film are – Binaya Bhatta, Prasant Tamrakar, Suleman Shankar, B.S Rana, Kopila Thapa, Raju Lama, Prem Joshi, Sushma Lama etc.

This movie is directed by superhit director, Hemraj BC, who had directed both the initial films of Anmol KC. ‘Hostel’, ‘Jerryy’ and ‘Gajalu’ are three hit films of the director featuring Anmol KC in leading roles. The editor of the film is Surendra Paudel, cinematographer is Rameshowr Karki and the film is produced by Saroj Neupane & Bishnu Lama.

Watch the full film:
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Gold lover Nepali ministers – How rich are Cabinet Ministers of KP Oli

It seems, the communist ministers of KP Oli cabinet are fans of gold. Here is a video report about the details:

The ministers and amount of gold they possess (self-declared amount):

Top 5 ministers with most gold in their possession:

  1. Rabindra Adhikari – 60 Tola
  2. Raghubir Mahaseth – 52 Tola
  3. Jagat Bahadur Sunar Bishwokarma – 50 Tola
  4. Sher Bahadur Tamang – 30 Tola
  5. KP Oli – 18 Tola

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Bikini clad Aditi Budhathoki or the climate – which one is hotter?

It seems, summer has taken its toll – the ‘Kri’ actress has shared her hot photos in bikini. The actress looks much beautiful and much bolder in photos than in film screen. Although her debut in the Nepali film industry couldn’t create any magic, her social presence is unavoidable. She know how to tease her fans by sharing scantly clad photos of herself. While her photos look sensuous, they don’t look vulgar or inappropriate.

These days, Aditi is living in Mumbai and struggling to get role in Bollywood. She is also doing various training there. She says, she is in no hurry to sign more movies.

These days, her bikini photos are making rounds in social network. These are the bikini clad photos of Aditi taken in a swimming pool somewhere in India.

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Karishma Manandhar gets pissed off, an epic response to Sukrabar Weekly journalist

Actress Karishma Mandhar got pissed off when a journalist wrote about her attire during a press meet. It was not only about her attire. It was more about her character, her intelligence and the way she talks. When I first read the the news article, I thought it was some sort of comedy.

Watch the video report:

In response, Karishma shared a photo wearing a dress that covers everything except her face and asks them to write the caption for the photo.

A rough translation of what Karishma has written in her Facebook response:

As I am an artist, every activities of mine are connected to glamour. At the same time, being a public figure, I have to be careful on my personal activities (like eating, siting, wearing, speaking etc.)

But, in the second decade of 21st century and being a citizen of a free country, shouldn’t I be free to eat, wear, and speak the things I like?

The thing I have objection is – Ok, if I had worn an inappropriate dress – why don’t you comment only on the dress? What would they get by commenting about my style of speaking, things I like to do, my desire, and make fun of everything I do? The coat and skirts of Trthur’s Levine are not bought to be worn at home.

It is an attack on my personal freedom in the name of the dress I wear. It is an attack to womenkind. For those yellow journalists, I have worn this dress – BLACK. Now, make a caption of this (like you made – childish behaviour of a 55 years old).

That was a smart response to the news article attached below:

Was Karishma’s response appropriate?

I totally agree that the magazine’s article wasn’t appropriate. But, Karishma’s response in Facebook wouldn’t solve the problem. There are journalist associations that take care of such articles. There is court of law about defamation.

Actually, such response in social media would create an environment write articles so that they could have a follow up article to be written in the next edition. I am sure, this response will make it into next edition of that magazine. They would certainly love such responses from celebrities.

I think, a better way of dealing with the situation is to call them. Talk to them about the issue and also call the journalist associations and organizations. Such steps will create an environment in which, the reporter start to think about the consequences.

Nepali Beauty Contests in USA, Australia, UK and Hong Kong

There are a lot of beauty contests held in Nepal. The trend has extended beyond the Nepali border as Nepali people settle in various countries in the world. Beauty contests are held among young girls.

Popularity of Beauty Contest

Most of these beauty contests are held for the personality development and starting career in entertainment industry. The sudden rise in the number of beauty contests in Nepal can be attributed to the business aspect of the contests. These contests are usually held by training institutes, education institutes, and event managers. They train young girls and test their qualification by organizing the contests. It has also become a platform for young girls in various stages of their lives. For example, there used to be a beauty contest among girls appearing in SLC examination – Miss SLC. Similarly Miss College, Miss Plus Two were also held.

As Nepali people migrate to other countries and their children grow young, similar trend has also started in foreign countries. Beauty contests among Nepali girls in foreign countries are:

  • Miss US Nepal
  • Miss Australia Nepal
  • Miss UK Nepal
  • Miss Hong Kong Nepal

The distribution of beauty contests among Nepali girls in foreign countries are held in countries that host a lot of Nepali people on permanent basis. These countries are India, USA, UK, Australia, and Hong Kong.
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Opportunity to participate in Miss Nepal US 2018

The organizer of the beauty contest among Nepali girls in USA, Miss Nepal US 2018, have called for the application. The event to be held on August 19, 2018 is being organized among girls of Nepali origin living in the USA.

All Nepali girls of age between 19 and 29 can participate in the contest. The contest is organized by Event Planet Inc in association with E-Planet Pvt. in Nepal. This is the sixth edition of the beauty contest.

The organizer, Amit Shah, has told that the event is being organized to empower youth and promote Nepal. The first edition of the beauty contest was held in 2011 at New York. In the first edition, Sujita Basnet of Washington DC, had won the title.

The winner of Miss Nepal US 2018 will be awarded $5,000 education scholarship and other prizes.

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Nepali Movie – Ho Yehi Maya Ho (Rajesh Hamal, Karishma)

ho yahi maya hoNepali Movie – Ho Yehi Maya Ho
Starring – Rajesh Hamal, Karishma Manandhar, Raj Timilsina, Jiya KC, Hiuwala Gautam, Himal KC, Shyam Rai, Ranjita Gurung, Baldeep Rai (guest) etc.
Director – Deepak Shrestha

“Ho Yehi Maya Ho” is a presentation of Subas Entertainment. This is the debut movie of actress Jiya KC. The movie was released on May 24, 2013. The actress made a lot of negative response for her role in controversial movie ‘ATM’. After that, she did similar movies for a while. But, when none of her movies worked, she has stopped acting these days. She is in relationship with actor Bhuwan KC. She is helping Bhuwan in his film production. Although the movie featured big names like Rajesh Hamal and Karishma Manandhar, the movie didn’t work well in box office.

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Nisha Adhikari becomes a mother, a mother of a US citizen

Nisha Adhikari has given birth to a son in USA. In an Instagram post she has shared the newborn child photo and has told that the baby, the father and the mother are well and happy.

Video report:

According to the father, Sharad Veshwakar’s instagram post, the baby is named Yuvan Nisharad. Here is the photo and the status:
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Nepali movie – Radha Krishna (Bhuwan KC, Kristi Mainali)

radhakrishnaNepali film – Radha Krishna
Starring – Bhuwan KC, Kristi Mainali, Santosh Pant, Laxmi Giri etc.
Director – Dr. Subodh Pokharel

A presentation of Dr. Subodh Pokharel for Yeti Production banner, ‘Radha Krishna’ was one of the hit movie of its time. The movie features Bhuwan KC with Kristi Mainali in the leading role. In addition to writing the dialogue and script of the film, Brajesh Khanal is also featured in a guest role in the film.

The story of the film is written by the director and producer Subhodh Pokharel himself. Subodh Pokharel is also a medical doctor by training and is also a well known sexologist in Nepal.

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Like a film’s story: Loot producer arrested – for printing fake bank notes

It is more like a story of a film. There is a producer – a reputed and successful producer. And there is a conspiracy going on in his production team. The film’s Art Directors demands fake currency to be used in the film. They print a lot of fake currency. The money was used in the shooting of ‘Changa Chait’, an upcoming movie of Madhav Wagle featuring actress Priyanka Karki with her boyfriend Ayushman Deshraj Joshi. The movie made headlines when Ayushman’s ex-girlfriend also agreed to do a role in the movie.

Video report:

The fake money wasn’t destroyed and kept in Madhav Wagle’s home. Some of the money was taken by one of the crew member and spent in a restaurant. When the restaurant owner found out that the money was fake, they called the police.
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Nepali Movie – Scout (The Braves)

Nepali Film – Scout
Starring – Garima Pant, Navraj Shrestha, Rakshya Shrestha etc.
Director – Govinda Gautam

The movie is about Nepal Scout and their social works. Two new artists Sanjay Shrestha and Rakchhya Shrestha have debuted as new actors in the film. The movie was released in 2017 (release news). I had also written a news about the movie in 2015 (Garima Panta to be scout). These days, Garima is living in Belgium with her husband and has left the film industry. This is probably one of the last films of the award winning actress.

Watch the full movie
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US citizenship wouldn’t have been that hard, Ex-Royal member Shreya Shah struggles to get a passport

Nepal government has refused the citizenship and hence the passport to one of the ex-royal members of Nepal. The daughter of one of the 2001 Royal Massacre, Dhirendra Shah, has failed to convince the authority that she is the daughter of Dhirendra. According to the documents, Shreya Shah, is the daughter of then King, Birendra Shah’s brother, Dhirendra Shah. Her birth certificate, issued by Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu mentions Dhirendra Bir Bikram Shah as her father. The school document, from Rato Bangala School, also mentions Dhirendra as her father. But, the authorities refuse to honour the documents.

Video report:

Talking to News24 TV, Shreya said that she is facing a lot of trouble because of the lack of passport. She had lived most of her life in the USA. She was in Nepal when the issue became apparent. When she wanted to get the machine readable passport, she was asked to show the citizenship. But, authority won’t give her the citizenship although her mother is a Nepali citizen and she doesn’t have marriage certificate of her parents.
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Another US Return actress Kabita Manandhar, debuts in Shiva Shrestha moive

Actor Shiva Shrestha has debuted as a producer of a movie. The movie titled ‘Yeuta Yesto Prem Kahani’ is going to introduce two celebrity children in the Nepali film industry. Actress Kabita Manandhar is the daughter of actress Karishma Manandhar and actor Shakti Shrestha is the son of Shiva Shrestha.

Shiva Shrestha organized a press meet to release the trailer of his debut movie and announce the debut of the two new artists in the movie. Talking at the event, Shiva Shrestha told that his son, Shakti Shrestha, had always wanted to be an actor. He had also acted in a film as a child artist. Shiva told him to wait for the right time. In the mean time, Shakti went to Australia and studied there. He was working when Shiva decided that it was the right time to introduce his son in the film industry. Shakti told that it was a surprise to himself when his father proposed him to act in the movie.

The movie ‘Yeuta Yesto Prem Kahani’ is full of well known artists. There is a possibility that the new actors get lost in the crowd of well known artists.

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Sonika Rokaya to be featured in Manoj Gajurel’s wife’s Meena Dhakal video

When Meena Dhakal divorced her 22-years-long husband, comedian Manoj Gajurel, she promised to be a singer. She tried her luck by creating a music video. But, the video was disliked by people and she was rediculated. It seems, she is not going to give up yet. She has written and given voices to a number of other songs. In one of the music videos of her songs, she is going to feature VJ Sonika Rokaya.

Video report:

Who is Sonika Rokaya?

Sonika Rokaya is a Video Jockey in a YouTube channel. She is popular for her controversial topics she raises in interviews and programs. She considers herself different from other presenters. In addition to running shows, she also models in music videos.
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