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Nepali Movie – Escape (Pradeep Khadka debut film with Reema Biswokarma)

Nepali Movie – Escape
Starring – Pradeep Khadka, Reem Biswokarma etc.
Director – Ananta Ghimire

About Escape

The movie made on the story of a person who has overcome the indulgence of drugs and aim to change the social equation. The movie featuring Pradeep Khadka and Reema Bishowkarma is directed by Ananta Ghimire. The movie was released in February of 2015 with three other movies. The movie couldn’t impress the viewers at that time. (Release news)

The movie presented by Pradeep Media is a film by Anandta Ghimire. The story and the script is written by the actor Pradeep Khadka, the film is produced by Kamal Shrestha. The movie is an action & adventure with horror aspect too.

Watch full movie here
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Inter-Caste Love story of Madan Krishna Shrestha and Yesoda Subedi

The love story between the comedy actor Madan Krishna Shrestha and his wife Yesoda Subedi is very interesting. That is because, inter-caste marriages was a taboo in that time. The love affair between a brahmin girl, Yesoda and a Newar boy, Madan Krishna was a no-starter. But, they decided get married and moved to a rented room in New Road. That was in 1974.

It was the Day Of Indra Jatra of 1974, Madan Krishna and Yesoda decided to leave their parental home and get married. Madan Krishna borrowed the marriage suit from his friends and they went to Suryabinayak Temple to get married. After a private and hurried marriage ceremony, they rented a room in New Road for Rs. 60 a month to live. Although none of the family members helped them in marriage, Madan Krishna’s friends helped them a lot.

Watch a video report:

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Underage girls forced into prostitution in Nepal

According to a report, large number of adolescent girls are coerced into sex to earn their livelihood in Kathmandu. Although these teenager girls, aged between 14 to 18 years, are exploited the concerned authorities in Kathmandu don’t care. This report is based on a report by Laxmi Basnet for Centre for Investigative Journalism-Nepal.

Basnet has found adolescent and teenage girls who were lured to Kathmandu for better livelihood and jobs end up being sex workers. Some of these girls are forced by their masters, some without their choice or knowledge. They work in tea shops, restaurants, guest houses, night clubs, and dance bars. After being coerced into prostitution, some of these young girls get pregnant leading to a lifelong trauma. Here are the stories of some of the girls:
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Niru Khadka marriage in trouble? Talks about domestic violence in Facebook

The Nirmali of ‘Meri Bassai’ comedy serial, Niru Khadka, wrote a status in Facebook. The translation of the status reads – “Friends, my family is forcing me to leave my field. But, I can’t leave it. Yesterday, my husband slapped me. My eardrum has broken. What shall I do? Is it better to divorce or quit working as an actress? I need your suggestion.”

Niru, has already deleted the status now but, there is another status in it’s place, that says – she can’t take it anymore.

Niru Khadka Husband

Here are some facts of Niru’s family:

  • Niru Khadka’s husband is Narottam Gautam.
  • Narottam and Niru got married in early 2011.
  • Niru gave birth to a daughter in December of that year, 2011.
  • Niru gave birth to a son in December of 2016

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5 Things about Anmol KC: Music, Hair, Coin, Travel and Charity

Actor Anmol KC has become the heartthrob of young Nepali movie crowd today. Having debuted in teenage drama ‘Hostel’ in 2013, the young actor aspires to make it big in the Nepali film industry. So far, four movies of the actor have released. It is a record in itself as all of them had been box office success.

This list of five things, that most people don’t know about him, were first published in English daily in 2014. As, the original post is already deleted, I am sharing this for record at the time his fifth movie is about to release in February.


Techno and house music are Anmol’s favorites. He doesn’t like listening to songs. “If a music piece has lyrics, I get bored and lose concentration. But if it’s an instrumental piece, I enjoy it to the fullest,” he reveals.
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What is the true face of Prithivi Narayan Shah?

Today is Prithivi Jayanti, Ekata Diwas. Prithivi Narayan Shah is credited for the unification of Nepal at the time when the country was divided into smaller states. There are three types of people who:

  • Support Prithivi Narayan and consider him a great person
  • Are indifferent of Prithivi and are neutral
  • Against Prithivi Narayan

Those who support believe it was Prithivi who saved Nepal from going under the British rule. He created an identity of Nepal and Nepali people.

Others don’t care because, Prithivi happened to be one of the stronger kings who could win other states. Other kings were also trying to do the same but they failed. It was Prithivi’s job to extend the boundary of his kingdom at that time. They believe he was doing his job and nothing more or less.

The third category people are against Prithivi because he killed a lot of people to win other states. His attack to Kathmandu valley is believed to be particularly brutal. He installed new language and system in the valley. The Newar culture and language became sub-standard to Nepali language.

All three types of people are right to some extent. I don’t want to go in details on who is more right.

I want to discuss – what is the real face of Prithivi. A video report first:

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Nepali Movie – Raaj (Shiva Shrestha, Biraj Bhatt, Rejina)

raaj_movieNepali Movie – Raaj
Starring – Shiva Shrestha, Biraj Bhatt, Rejina Upreti, Jayakishan Basnet, Kushal Thapa, Rabindra Khadka, Sunil Thapa, Srijana Basnet, Maya Pradhan, Srijana Adhikari, Gopal Bhutani, Nisha Sunar (guest), Shovit Basnet (guest) etc.
DirectorShovit Basnet

About ‘Raaj’

A presentation of Mata Manakamana Films Production Pvt. Ltd, this movie features the superstars of Nepali movie industry Shiva Shrestha with action star Bira Bhatt. The actresses are Rejina Upreti and Sirjana Subba and Sirjana Adhikari. The movie directed by Shovit Basnet also features Shovit as a guest artist. Singer Nisha Sunar is also a guest artist in the movie.

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Nepali Movie – Mandira

Nepali Movie – Mandira
Starring – Naren Khadka, Bini Pokhreli, Binita Oli
Director – Dipesh Sapkota

A presentation of Bhatta & Sons Production by Hari Bhatta, the movie features Naren Khadka with new introductions Bini Pokhareli and Binita Oli. The movie is directed and written by Dipesh Sapkota. The movie features not-so well known actors and background artists in the Nepali film industry and it didn’t make any news in the industry. Please watch and comment if you like or dislike the film.

Watch the full movie here:
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Why is Jailyne Ochoa compared with Kim Kadarshian?

She is Hollywood model and actress. The hot model is popular in social networking sites like Instagram for her hot photos and attractive body. Before she started working in Hollywood, Jailyne was a fashion designer. She is also compared with Kim Kadarshian for her assets.

The term used to define her body figure is “outrageous curves.” Jailyne has millions of followers in her Instagram. At the time of this writing she has 7.4 million followers. The link to her Instagram account is posted at the end of this post.

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Nepali Movie – Man Ko Sathi

Nepali Movie – Man Ko Sathi
Starring – Binayak Tamang, Sangita Dong, Bijay Tamang etc.
Director – Binayak Tamang

A presentation of Fire Enterprise and Media, ‘Manko SAthi’ is a movie about Tamang culture . The movie is a presentation of Binayak Tamang who is also the writer, lead actor and the director of the movie.

Watch the full movie:
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Simpal Khanal shares daughter’s photo, no news about husband Nadeem

It has been two years since Simpal Khanal married Nadeem Sarwar, a UK resident Pakistani youth. Right after the marriage, Simpal got pregnant and shared a photo of her belly. But, after that there was no news about where she was and how her pregnancy go. After a year, Simpal finally shared a photo of her daughter.

The daughter of Simpal is already a year old now and is named Anisa Sarwar. The exact date of birth and the current location of Simpal and her daughter is not known.

I had also prepared a video report about Simpal at that time (attached at the end of this post).

Who is Simpal Khanal?

Simpal Khanal was a well known Nepali model until she got married in January of 2016. After that, she has been away from Nepal and away from the Nepali entertainment industry. She debuted in Nepali movie industry as an actress in ‘Majhi Dai’. After the debut movie, she waited a long time before appearing in her second movie ‘Adhyaya’. Watch Simpal’s movies in xnepali:

Simpal marriage with Nadeem Sawar was controversial as he was married to the owner of a prestigious private college in London, England at the time of the marriage. It seems, Nadeem has divorced his wife a short while before he tied his knot with Simapl. Nadeem has a son with his previous wife.

After getting married, there was no news about Nadeem or Simpal for a long time. Simpal hasn’t shared any information about her husband Nadeem.

I wish Anisa a very bright future and congratulate Simpal for the beautiful daughter.

Doctor had told to cut one of her legs: Sanchita Luitel secrets

A beautiful actress Sanchita Luitel has recently told some of her secrets in an interview with an online magazine.

Here are some of the secrets people don’t know about the actress:

  • Sanchita is the eldest daughter in the family.

    – Sanchita is called ‘Munu’ at home. The childhood name of Sanchita is still being used to call her at home.

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Firke and Rajja Rani, Friday Release

Two new films are released this week in Nepali theatre – both comedy gerne films. The movie directed by Rabi Dangol ‘Beiman’, ‘Firke’ is going to compete with Keki Adhikari’s film ‘Rajja Rani’.

About ‘Rajja Rani’

The movie made on the story of Terai region, features Keki Adhikari and Nazir Hussain in leading role. The movie made under Aryan Films Production banner and produced and directed by Yam Thapa, the movie is shot at Pathar in Nepalgunj area. The love story movie also features actress Rekha Thapa in a guest role. Other artists in the movie are Kameshowr Chaurasiya, Laxmi Bardewa, Sangita Napit, Arun Regmi, Deepak Chhetri, Binod Niraula, Anoj Pandey, Ashok Acharya, Anuj Thapa and others.

A video report of the film I made earlier:

The trailer of the movie has received more than 7 lakh views. That is a decent views but, not an indication of a hit movie.
Watch trailer of the movie to decide if you want to watch it in theatre:
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UPDATE – Samragyee Londonma, fake news for film promotion ?

Samragyee has reached London for a 5-days shooting schedule. Sharing the news, Samragyee shared a photo of her boarding pass for the Helsinki to London flight.

Videro report:

After Samragyee returns back from London, she is scheduled to fly to Philipines for the shooting of another movie ‘Kayara’. The flight is told to be scheduled after 8 days of her travel to UK.

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2018 – Divorces in 2017, Reema, Arunima and Milan Amatya

Three celebrities who have divorced this year are Reema Biswokarma, Arunima Lamsal and Milan Amatya. I don’t know of any male celebrities who has divorced last year. Two of the celebrities are actresses and one singer.

Actress Reema’s marriage didn’t last two years. Reema and Robert BK married in 2015 but, when it didn’t go well, they decided to part their ways. Robert has already found another model as his wife. They have already engaged and are going to get married soon. In public statements, Reema has confirmed the report but has refused to discuss the cause in details. There is no information about the involvement of third parties in their relationship.

Another divorce is of Arunima Lamsal. The actress is yet to publicly announce the divorce. As she hasn’t denied the rumour and Arunima is not seen with her husband since then, we can safely assume that the divorce news is true. These days, in the program held in Arunima’s home, Arunima’s husband is not seen in the family photos. Arunima has a daughter and she is living with her daughter and her parents in the USA. The reason of the separation is yet to be known.

Another celebrity divorce in 2017 was that of Milan Amatya. The singer and her husband separated when after six years of marriage. Milan divorced before Dashain and went to her maternal home to celebrate Dashain this year. Milan has confirmed the separation but hasn’t given a specific reason of the divorce. There were rumours of her relationship with a singer but, both of them deny such relationship.

It seems, I have only talked about the female in the relationship. That was because the female are the celebrities that people know. The husbands of all three are not well known personalities to be discussed about. I don’t know of any male celebrity who have divorced in 2017. If you know of the cases I have missed please comment below. Thank you.

This post is a part of a series of posts to review the year, 2017. I have written posts about celebrities marriages and deaths earlier. Read the previous reports here:

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