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1.5 years & Dhurmus Suntali still emotional blackmailing – Rangashala debt problem is HUGE

The debt problem of Dhurmus and Suntali and their construction of a cricket stadium in Bharatpur municipality has been lingering for about two years. Dhurmus collected a large sum of money from Nepali all around the world. He started the construction of the stadium and tried to transfer the project to the municipality. But, the municipality is facing legal problem to pay off the 18 crore loan Dhurmus took. They have budget for the new construction but, government has no way to pay the debt Dhurmu took.

Renu Dahal, the mayor, says that 18 crore is not a big sum of money. It is the legal hurdles that are delaying the construction. She has told that at the local level, she has tried to do everything and there is nothing she can do now. Her father, Prachanda, is the prime minister of Nepal now. So, she is banking on his cabinet to approve the construction work of the stadium.

As, Renu Dahal, tries to take over the credit of the construction, Dhurmus and Suntali are at unease. Suntali told about that in a TikTok post – saying, “See, how innocent his face looks…”

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Surakshya Panta marries Manav Subedi, boyfriend of 6 years

In an event held on March 8, 2023, in a resort in Chitwan, actress Surekshya Panta got married with her long-time boyfriend Manav Subedi. Only friends and family members were invited in the wedding ceremony.

Surakshya and Manav were engaged in a ceremony held on March 7, 2023 and the Mehandi event was held on the same day. Informing about the events, Surakshya shared photos of the event.

Sharing an engagement photo Surakshya wrote – “A new chapter is starting today. We are very happy. Please give us best wishes,” in Nepali and she wrote Engagement in all caps.

Here are some photos of Surakshya’s marriage, engagement and Mehandi ceremony. A reception party is going to be held in Kathmandu to meet and greet the film industry personalities. The dates and the details are yet to be announced.

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Rajesh Payal Rai becomes a father before marrying his girlfriend Sangbung Rai

Popular singer Rajesh Payal Rai surprised his fans by the news that he has become a father even before getting married.

Currently in USA tour, Rai, had kept everything a secret. As soon as he left Nepal, his girlfriend has released the details about her son. She has also shared a video call video in which Rai is seen talking with his son.

In addition to that, Sangbung has shared various photos of herself with Rajesh Payal Rai and has called him her “husband”.

Here is the video report :

A screenshot of Samgbung Rai’s TikTok account.

Sadichha Shrestha, Miss Nepal 2010 is marrying Rahul Moktan, a Muay Thai player

Miss Nepal 2010 Sadichha Shrestha is marrying a Muay Thai fighter Rahul Moktan in a ceremony to be held on July 5, 2022. Moktan is running a Gymkhana – a gym and Muay Thai training institute.

It is interesting how their choice of interest are different as Sadichha was never a fan of sports and in contrast Rahul was no fan of studying. Yet, they both are gold medalist in their fields. Sadichha Shrestha was awarded gold medal in her MBA degree in AIT, Thailand. Rahul Moktan won three gold medals in Muay Thai game. I will do a video report on these facts and share here when it is ready:

Sadichha was crowned Miss Nepal 2016 during a special program held at Tribhuwan Army Officers Club, Bhadrakali, Kathmandu on Sept. 1, 2010.

She participated in Miss World 2016 representing Nepal and featured a dress made out of Allo from Taplejung district and peacock feathers. The 6kg dress she flaunted in Miss world stage was designed by Uttam Banepali and Shiba Shrestha of Uttam Creations, Kupondole.
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Balen Shah wins Mayor of Kathmandu, Sunita Dangol wins Deputy Mayor

Kathmandu Municipality has got a young, engineer mayor, Balen Shah. An independent candidate, Balen has received 61,767 votes against the second place Nepali Congress candidate, Sirjana Singh with 38,341 votes. While CPN UML’s mayor candidate Keshav Sthapit was forced into 3rd position with 38,117 votes, his running mate Sunita Dangol got 7 thousand more votes than the mayor Balen.

Video of Balen’s statement after the official announcement of his winning:

The Deputy mayor Sunita Dangol won the election with 68,612 votes and her nearest competitor Rameshwor Shrestha only got 23,608 votes.
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Jyotsna Yogi marries singer Swoopna Suman (Music Video)

The actress who debuted in Anmol KC’s mother’s home production’s first movie “Ma Ta Timrai Hoon’, Jyotsna Yogi has tied knot with singer Swoopna Suman in a private ceremony held in a hotel in Kamalpokhari on May 5, 2022. The couple have released a love song music video to announce the marriage.

Sharing a marriage photo in social media, Yogi wrote, “Overwhelmed and happy. I love this guy.”

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Raju Lama World Record attempt: concert at 6574 m altitude

The lead singer of Mongolian Heart band of Nepal, Raju Lama, has made an attempt to set a World Record by doing a concert at the altitude of 6574 meters on Mount Everest. The location of the performance is between the camp 2 & camp 3 of Mt. Everst. The previous record of such performance was made in 2012 by a British musician. Now, after the approval of Raju’s performance, he will be the new World Record holder.

I did a video report on this feat:

Raju Lama is in the process of climbing the world’s highest peak, Mt. Everest. After the performance, he wrote a statement about what it meant to him and the world.
“Performing at the altitude of 6574 meters on Mount Everest ( between camp 2 & 3) was a huge success. It wasn’t easy but loved the thin air, Khumbu icefall and the challenge. And it was probably the highest performance on land ever. The mission was to deliver the awareness message about the climate change and its impact across the globe in everyday life. We the humans are 100 % responsible for this so let’s contribute to combat the global warming & climate change. Every action counts no matter how small it is. Let’s act today so we can leave this beautiful planet for our children & their grand children.”
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Sunita Dangol joins UML eying Dy-Mayor of Kathmandu Municipality, Keshav Sthapit & Sirjana Singh compete in Mayor

Miss Newa 2011, Sunita Dangol, had previously expressed her desire to fight for the Mayoral candidate of Kathmandu Municipality. Now, she has finalized her candidacy for the deputy post as the running mate of ex-mayor, Keshav Staphit. They are fighting for the post representing CPN (UML) and replacing Bidhya Shundar Shakya of the same party.

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Elon Musk $44 billion purchase offer approved by Twitter board

The Twitter board has unanimously approves Elon Musk offer to buy the social media for a sum of $44 billion. The world’s richest person, Musk has said that he is going to keep it private and will release the source code.

This is the tweet Elon tweeted to announce the acquisition:

before that, he had tweeted :

and :

Highest price for a social media platform

So far, Twitter’s price is the almost twice the price of any other social media acquisition. In the past, Salesforce had bought Slack for a sum of $28 billion. LinkedIn was paid $26 billion by Microsoft. Facebook had acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion and Instagram for $1 billion a while ago. Another Microsfot acquisition was Skype for 8.5 billion. Ages ago, Google had bought YouTube for a whooping $1.65 billion. And, Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr for $1.1 is also a notable high price acquisition in the tech industry.

Acquisition prices:

Twitter: $44 billion (Elon Musk)
Slack: $28 billion (Salesforce)
LinkedIn: $26 billion (Microsoft)
WhatsApp: $19 billion (Facebook)
Skype: $8.5 billion (Microsoft)
YouTube: $1.65 billion (Google)
Tumblr: $1.1 billion (Yahoo)
Instagram: $1 billion (Facebook)
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Nepali Movie – Ghamad Shere

Ghamad Shere is a popular Nepali movie featuring well known celebrity couple Nischal Basnet and Swastima Khadka in leading role. The song of the movie were also very popular and the movie has received more than 14M views at the time of this posting. Other artists in the movie include Gauri Malla in a special appearance, Sushma Niraula, Badal Bhatta, Lokendra Lekhak, Roy and Saroj Aryal. A film by Hem Raj BC, the movie is the presentation of BC Motion Pictures.

Watch the movie here:

Full details of the movie and the crew of the movie. The heart warming music of the songs in the movie are composed by well known musician Kali Prasad Baskota. The lyrics of the songs are written by the musician and Buddhi Sagar. The associate director of the movie is Mahesh Baral.
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Barsha Siwakoti secretly marries a USA resident engineer

A day after Nepali actress Keki Adhikari secretly married Rohit Tiwari in a closely guarded event in Kathmandu, another Nepali actress Barsha Siwakoti did the same in a secret event. Barsha was in the USA for the last few weeks and in a private ceremony she has married an engineer named Asish Gelal.

According to the reports, the marriage ceremony was held on April 22, 2022 in Kathmandu. The venue of the marriage is told to be Reshu Villa of Nagarjun Raniban. It is told that there were less than 150 guest and most of them were family members and the close friends of the bride and groom.

Actually, according to her Instagram updates, the last photo Barsha Siwakoti shared online was at the USA. Last week she had shared her birthday photo with “New York City” tagged to them.

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Keki Adhikari marries Rohit Tiwari, a young entrepreneur

Actress Keki Adhikari has married a Forbes’ 30 under 30 of 2020, Rohit Tiwari.

Video update:

Sharing her marriage photos in her social media, Keki has thanked everybody for the love and support in her life. Here is the screenshot of her statement.

The news of her marriage was released just a day before the actual event. At that time I had done a detailed report on who Keki’s husband is. Here is the report and the summary of the biography of Rohit Tiwari:
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Miss Nepal 2022 announced, reduced height requirement & age bar increased

The organizers of Miss Nepal beauty contest, The Hidden Treasure, have announced the date of Miss World 2022. In a press meet held on April 18, the dates were announced. For the competition, the application are open as of April 18 and will accept application till 14th May, 2022. The organizers will visit the major cities all over the country for the audition.

The audition are told to be held from April 22 to May 10 in cities like Birgunj, Dharan, Pokhara, Nepalgunj, Surkhet and Kathmandu.

In the past the prerequisites of height used to be 5ft and 4 inches. Now, for this year’s completion, the height requirement has been reduced by one inches to 5’3″. Similarly, the age requirement now includes the age from 18 years to 27 years. That is 2 years more than previous year’s requirement.

Other prerequisites include:
1. The applicant should be single and never married
2. She needs to be a female and a Nepali Citizen.
3. Should have never given a birth.
4. As of December 31, 2022 Her age should be between 18-27 years
5. Education – Minimum academic qualification should be 10+2 or equivalent.
6. Minimum height 5ft 3 inches.
7. “Applicant should be attractive, possess sound health and have a good moral character.”
8. She should have no tattoo on her body.
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The real reason of the new twist in Paul Shah case

The accuser of the Paul Shah case has changed her statement. She has told that the police had forcefully took her previous statement and it was not her actual statement.

(The court order of Tanahun District Court and latest report that she had changed her statement)

According to reports, Paul Shah and his family had approached her to change her statement. If she agrees to change the statement, Paul had promised to marry her. As she had always been a fan of Paul Shah, she has a soft corner towards Paul.

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How Melina Rai met Sanjeev Baraili; an interesting love story of 5 years from Nanu, GV to Babu

When Melina Rai and Sanjeev Baraili revealed their engagement on the social media, they were well prepared for the response they would get on the inter-caste relationship. They had waited for about two years after the engagement to announcement their marriage.

They kept the love affair secret until the 2079 New Year. That was after 5 years of their love affair and 2 years after engagement

The inter-caste relationship between Melina Rai and Sanjeev Baraili has met with some harsh online response.
video report:

Love Story of Melina Rai and Sanjeev Baraili

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