I like West! I like East!

esat-west-rockWe grew up with teachers who told that we used to have a secret formula to make devices that can fly in the sky – as described in Ved and in Ramayan, as a ‘Puspak Biman’. However, it was the Wrights Brothers who made the first real flying plane. They didn’t have the formula to work on and the flying machine was the product of their own imagination. So, the West rules here!

People in the Western world spend billions of dollars on fitness instruments yet, they are more obese than people in the eastern side of the world. Thanks to Yoga, even a penniless can do it with a little knowledge. East rules here!

They hired 200 best engineers for an idea, and invested 200 billion dollars to design a Space Pen, pen to be used in the space. We ask, why didn’t they use graphite pencil for the job? I don’t think “graphite dust, requires sharpening, and is erasable,” is a valid enough reason to spend such a huge resource.

People in our country worship Goddess Laxmi for wealth and Goddess Sarashwoti for knowledge. But, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry page, Warren Buffet should never have cared of Laxmi or Sarashwoti in their lives. Their brilliant minds have created enormous wealth – not only for them individually but also to the overall economy of their country. Do Americans worship those goddesses?

Pfizer pharmaceuticals, an American drug company, spends billions of dollars to research for a medicine called ‘Viagra’ and we solely depend on natural herbs – hot spices for the same hob. We still have bigger pie of population to contribute to this world: 60% for the world population come from Asia alone.

We have at least one god to worship everyday of the year, in contrast to the Western people most of whom have only one god, Jesus Christ. Yet, millions of gods haven’t helped the people in the East with their poverty and West-dependence. Ever wonder why we have 3300 million god and goddess?

Western culture accepted the idea that school children should be educated on sex, a lot earlier than the East. We, here on the eastern side still go nuts over the idea of educating them on sex. Have you ever imagined what would have been the population of China and India, if they have said ‘yes’ for sex-education in school? May be, it would have been less than the 60% of the world’s population.

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