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Coupled with big expectations from extensive advertisements, hype, and big star casts "Maya’s Bar" was released in Kathmandu valley on July 27, 2012. In the theatres out of valley, the movie will be released on this Friday (August 3). The third directorial venture of Dinesh DC, "Maya’s Bar" is produced by Sunil Manadhar and features actors like , Karishma Manandhar, Nisha Adhikari and Gajit Bista in leading roles.


Maya’s Bar is the story of Maya (Nisha Adhikari) and her family. Maya lives happily with her husband Gajit and a son, Bishal until they face a financial crisis. To cope with the financial problem Gajit joins fight club as a fighter and Maya joins a dance bar as a dancer. They both work for a company of Trilok Rana (played by Rajesh Hamal). But, both Gajit and Maya are not happy with their spouse’s profession. Gajit and Maya would occasionally express their respective dissatisfaction on Gajit’s work as a fighter and Maya’s work as a dancer. I wouldn’t like to ruin your movie viewing experiences by telling the story and problem that leads to the unexpected death of Maya (oops …).

Strength and Weakness:

The real star in "Maya’s Bar" is Purshottam Pradhan, the cinematographer of the movie. He has done excellent work in making each and every scene worth watching. Music director Suresh Adhikari’s music is another big strength of "Maya’s Bar". All the songs are melodious and singers for dance numbers are properly selected.  Big thumbs-up to Purshottam Pradhan and Suresh Adhikari for making the movie half good.

The story and screenplay has made the movie tasteless. There are nothing much for entertainment and no love or emotions. When Maya’s happy family gets into financial trouble, there no proper justification and reason on why the rich family got into the financial trouble.

Action of NB Maharjan is good. Because of proper camera angle and background sets, action scenes are captured in a proper way. But, action gets boring when a lots of unnecessary action scenes are featured in the movie. The climax scene also feels like an unnecessary stunt, unrelated to the story. The director Dinesh DC is also featured in a short role, but his role can’t be justified either.

There is nothing new or fresh in the story and screenplay of the director Dinesh DC. Although the presentation is a bit different, story telling is very bad. Although the selection of location and background sets are wonderful, the story and the screenplay have ruined such huge investment.

Star Cast:

Rajesh Hamal, as publicized, can be seen in a negative role for the first time. He has done a good job as a businessman. But,  his real fans from rural areas might get disappointed as he will not be seen in any action scenes. Viewers will enjoy the role of Rajesh Hamal, especially when he speaks short dialogues. There is nothing new or different in the performance of actress Nisha Adhikari. Karishma Manandhar’s role is very ineffective and unnecessary. Karishma’s star power is wasted. She could have been used in a better role. Gajit Bista’s performance is good but his voice doesn’t show the power of a hero.


"Maya’s Bar" is an average Nepali movie!

There is a huge possibility of the movie being Dinesh DC’s third failure. The only selling point in the movie are awesome cinematography and music.


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