Royal Massacre – Documentary

devvyaniaish Official reports state that Dipendra assassinated family members because of anger over a marriage dispute.

Devyani Rana, the girl who hit headlines in 2001 after she was seen as the reason behind the Nepal royal family massacre, later tied the knot with Aishwarya Singh.

Killed in the June 1, 2001 incident were King Birendra, Queen Aishwarya, Prince Nirajan, and Princess Shruti among others. Dipendra survived comatose for three days, and was proclaimed king in his hospital bed. He died of his injuries on June 4 and was succeeded by his uncle, then Prince Gyanendra.


Crown Prince Dipendra, King Birendra, Queen Aishwarya, Prince Nirajan, Prince Gyanendra and Princess Shruti – Kathmandu Post

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  1. I really feel sorry for our late king Birendra and the family,whatever however it is not possible by late prince Dipendra as is a fully planned murdered and Nepali and Indian’s are involved. A PERFECT MURDERED GAME

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