Is it 'all in the blood'?

dharmendra-hema-family'It’s all in the blood!

It’s a common phrase and everybody must have heard it – “it’s all in the blood”. You are born with it, wealth, name, fame acting etc. My question is, is it?

Whoever said this line must be the one who was not paying much attention to the surrounding or, may be living in a very narrow circle and does not know what the real truth is.

Let’s talk about acting here. Let’s talk about Bollywood and pick one top actor of the 70s – Hema Malini and Dharmendra. Both were the superstars of their time. Their daughter Easha is not doing that well in the movie industry as her mother did in her time. Hema Malani was raw in the industry and was not trained and polished to enter this line and she was not from the movie family background either. Easha should be doing a lot better than her parents because she has blood with good gene running on her body not only from one superstar but superstar parents. They were well known for their good work on the screen. Lookwise, Esha is also identical to her mother.

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