Nepali Movie – Hajar Juni Samma (Aryan Sigdel, Swastima Khadka, Priyanka Karki)

Bikash Raj Acharya’s movie “Hajar Juni Samma” was released in August of 2019 featuring well known actors of Nepali film industry – Aryan Sigdel, Swastima Khadka, Priyanka Karki, Salon Basnet, Sanchita Luitel and others. Acharya, the director of five sequels of ‘Nai Nabhannu La’ movies has also followed the similar story line in this movie. In short, it is another love-story formula movie.

1) The story is good.
2) Screenplay is terrible.

First watch the movie and then read what a formula movie it is:

What is Formula Movie?
A formula Nepali movie is set in a pattern of ups and lows that had worked in the past and repeated in that manner. It has all the songs, comedy, love, tragedy and similar character sets. A typical 7-points formula can be:

1) The protagonist (lead male character usually called hero) is full of fun.
2) The hero jokes, sings, and dances on songs to woo his love interest. That goes on till the end of the first half.
3) There is a hero’s friend, who is usually a comedy character. His sole purpose is to be the supporter of the hero. He communicates the hero’s intentions to others and assists him while cracking few jokes and create situations.
4) There is a character opposite to the hero – an antagonist / a villain. He/she might have a supporter friends too.
5) At the end of the first half, there is a major twist in the event.
6) Things start to get intense in the second half. The fun-loving character turns into an emotional or a fierce fighter or something of that sort.
7) And, there is the climax part – where the villain is defeated by the hero after leading the story through an unnecessary event or songs with a twist in the plot right before the ending.
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Supriya Shrestha at Miss Earth 2021

Miss Nepal Earth 2020 Supriya Shrestha is participating virtually in the 2021 edition of Miss Earth to be held on November 21, 2021. Supriya is working on stone sprouts (Dhunge Dhara) conservation works.

A glimpse of her introduction video is presented in the following video:

And for the National Costume completion of Miss Earth from Nepal – the costume is titled “Strong Women, Stronger Country”. Full details of the costume is shared by Supriya herself in her social media as:
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MCC effort & USA extra-ordinary interest

High level US officials are visiting Nepal regularly to convince the government to accept the FREE money it is giving Nepal. The effort is of such a high stake that:

It has been years and years and people have protested US assistance. Four striking thing about the giveaway:

1) USA is trying very hard to shove the money to Nepal
2) US Embassy paid a Nepali TV Channel to promote the FREE giveaway – AP1 TV channel met with protest.
3) The MCC official visited Nepal and met with everybody of the leading party. She couldn’t convince them.
4) A foreign ministry official visited Nepal this week – he repeated the same thing

Many media are writing pro-MCC (most of them are clearly sponsored, although such disclaimers are missing).
For example NepaliTimes warns – “Nepal’s private sector says country will lose Rs142 billion annually if the US-aided project is not ratified”

And the “Just Do It” editorial sounds clearly biased:

Launched in 2004 The MCC project of the US government has a mission to end poverty of least developed countries. In 2012 Dr. Baburam Bhattarai government had shown interest in the project and Nepal met the eligibility criteria and was selected as a partner at that time. Now, his party is one of the five-party ruling alliance.

The project was supposed to work on electricity transmission lines and highway upgrading by the $500 million fund USA is supposed to give for free. There are a number of clauses in the agreement that talk about “border enforcement” and India’s approval, and other such things that have raised alarm. The biggest alarm is the parliamentary ratification of the project.

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Manoj Gajurel marries Manju

Popular comedian Manoj Gajurel has found a new wife after almost 4 years of divorce.

Manoj has given the details about his wife and the marriage ceremony that was held in a temple on October 11, 2021. Only the close family members were present at the ceremony and the event was kept very low-profile. According to Manoj’s statement, Manju seems to be a divorced like Manoj. He has told that she is a government employee and indicated that he doesn’t want to talk about her private life to media.

Here is Manoj’s statement :

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RIP ‘Jeevan Jyoti’ Cinematographer Bhim Rana

62-years-old cinematographer, Bhim Rana, has died of COVID-19. According to report, Bhim Rana has died while being treated for pneumonia after being COVID-19 positive on August 17, 2021.

Rana was confirmed corona positive on Shrawan 16. He was admitted to Kirtipur Ayurvedic Hospital for treatment. When his condition worsened in the hospital he was transferred to APF Hospital in Balambu. According to report, all of his family members are now COVID-19 positive.

Bhim Rana had worked as the cameraman in movies like Maili and Jeevan Jyoti. He had also worked in the Film Development Board. According to report in Deshsanchar online, Rana’s son living in the USA is returning home after the incident. The last rituals is being planned for August 18.

Rest in peace Bhim Rana!

Deepak and Deepa to start a Movie Hall, to be ready by Nepali new year

Deepa Shree Niraula had proposed her partner Deepak Raj Giri to start a film hall. Deepak was not confident on starting a film hall at that time. By the time they started producing movies like ‘Chha Ekan Chha’, the first super hit film of the team, they had wanted a film hall of their own. The ‘Chhakka Panja’ team decided to pursue funding options.

After a lengthy discussion and searching, they found a building in Baneshowr, Sankhamul Road. They did an agreement with the owner of the property and decided to invest 9 crore to start a multiples film hall.

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Shrinkhala Khatiwada goes to Harvard University

The day April 11, 2018 was the day, Shrinkhala Khatiwada was crowned the Miss Nepal. After that, she has been the most popular Miss Nepal so far. She is also one of the most talented in the group. Apart from being the college topper in her Architecture B.Arch. degree, she has also secured post-graduate studies in prestigious Harvard University in the USA.

On August 3, 2021 she left Nepal for USA – here is Shrinkhala Khatiwada goes to USA – a report:

That was the University, Birendra when he was the crown-prince went to study for a year.
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Deepak Raj Giri & Barata on every Monday of Shrawan

Comedy actor, producer and script writer Deepak Raj Giri is better known as the producer of Chhakka Panja series of movies and before that, he was better known as Deepak of ‘Tito Satya’. After more than a decade of doing TV serials, Deepak and Deepa started film production with ‘Chha Ekan Chha’. The movie was an instant success. ‘Woda Number Chha’ followed and ‘Chhakka Panja’, ‘Chha Maya Chhapakai’ and so on.

Deepak is known as a very religious person. He is a devotee of lord Shiva. The month of Shrawan is the month of Shiva. Shrawan is also the month of worshiping and celebration. Deepak Raj Giri says that he will practice Brata on all five Mondays this month.

Deepak says, “Instead of some sort of Devine benefit, the practice offers the inner-cleansing and satisfaction. This is also some sort of dedication and sacrifice.”

Deepak says, “I am a very religious person. My family is also religious.” He says that he regularly fast on religious occasions. In Shrawan he fasts for 5 days on every Monday. In Dashain he fasts for nine days. On every Ekadahsi, he eats vegetarian foods.

He also regularly visits Temples on regular basis. Mostly his choice of temples are those of Shiva and Krishna. He regularly visit Pashupati temple and ISKON temple. About visiting temples, Deepak says, “It feels good to visit temple. But, I don’t go to temple to offer Rs. 5 to ask for Rs. 5 lakh.”
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Palpasa Dangol Chamsuri kidney failure, hospitalized

The popular comedy actress of ‘Meri Bassai’ serial, popularly known as Chamsuri is sick and is being treated in Teaching Hospital Maharajgunj, Kathmandu.

According to report, both of her kidney have stopped working. Previously she was being treated for kidney problem. Now, they have stopped working and she is pleading for help in transplant.

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Nepali Actress who changed their original names – Karishma to Jenny Kunwar

Wishing Jenny Kunwar soul rest in peace, let’s see how actresses changed names after they entered film industry.

Jenny Kunwar’s original name was Janaki Kunwar. In the credit of her first movie ‘Jindagani’, her name is original name. The movie featuring Dilip Rayamajhi, Karishma Manandhar, Pooja Chand, Rajesh Hamal in main roles has Jenny’s original name Janaki Kunwar in the credit. Later she became popular as Jenny.

Having an old fashioned name is considered an hurdle to success. So, a lot of artists change their name to cachy and interesting one. Changing the name doesn’t change their official name. So, they have different popular names and different official names on official documents. In the past, the producers and the directors suggested names to actresses.
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Prakash Saput: a house in Kathamndu and Rs. 5M car, music pays well!

Being an artist and earning a good sum of money in Nepal is not that easy. In such a odd situation, singer Prakash Saput is an exception. He has earned a lot and has built a house in Kathmandu and has also bought a new car.

Pakash Saput has shared the news by sharing the photos of his new car. The new car is a white Hundai Creta 2019. He has paid the cost in full and has told that, “My dream, struggle, creation, success! Your support, help and best wishes. It might be an inspiration to those who like to dream – “even the artists can have their own car. This is my life’s first car – Hundai Creta 2019 !”

Prakash Saput is one of the most talented singer and musician in the Nepali entertainment industry. Some of his songs like ‘Galbandi’ are very popular among Nepali audiance. By his earning he had bought a house two years ago.
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Suhana Thapa; hot legs in the USA

Suhana Thapa is the new sensation in the Nepali film industry. The daughter of the producer and actress Jharana Thapa and Sunil Kumar Thapa, Suhana is their only child. Suhana debuted in the Nepali film industry in their home production movie ‘A Mero Hajur 3’ with Anmol KC. The debut movie was very successful, opening the door of success for Suhana.

Now, she is waiting for things to get normal for the release of her second movie, ‘A Mero Hajur 4’. Doing her Bachelors in the USA she has left Nepal after the completion of the shooting of the movie. The movie was supposed to release on Bhadra 18 according to the initial schedule. The release of the movie is uncertain given the current situation of lock-down and reluctance of the viewers to visit movie theater to watch movie.

As the release of her movie is uncertain she is sharing her videos and photos in social media. He mother Jharana Thapa has shared some of Suhana’s photos in USA. In the photos she is featured in white dress consisting of short skirt. Here are some of the most interesting photos of Suhana.

Spiritual side of Suhana:

Suhana is a Krishna devotee. She is much more interested into spiritual side of life. In the following video Suhana has talked with spritual guru and Ani about ways of life. This is a part of a series of talk about the current situation and the ways of living.

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Rakshya Shrestha has become a mother to a daughter (Photos)

Popular actress of comedy telefilm ‘Bhadragol’ and later in ‘Sakkigoni”, Rakshya Shrestha, has become a mother to a daughter. Rakshya Shrestha had secretly married and she had also kept the birth of the daughter for about two months. Although some online reports had reported about her child to be son. But in reality, Rakshya has told that the newborn is a girl child.

Rakshya has named her daughter Mahira Gurung. Rakshya has shared the photos of her daughter in social media on July 7, 2021 on the occasion of her birthday.
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RIP Jenny Kunwar, actress and producer of Nepali movies

It’s a sad news – actress and producer Jenny Kunwar is no more. According to police, she was found hanging in her apartment at Sunrise Apartment, Thapagaun, Kathamandu.

video report (update):

According to Minbahadur Lama, DSP of Baneshwor Police office, she was found at her apartment on July 8, 2021.

Jenny Kunwar had acted in a number of Nepali movies including ‘Dhoom’, ‘Maidan’ ‘Don’ and other films. I have shared a number of her movies in the past.

In addition to acting she had given voice to a number of songs and had also made music videos in past. Last year, she was seen in Pashupati area dancing in prayers. Based on her activities in the past, it is believed that she was depressed.

I will update this post with more details after a while.
Rest in peace Jenny Kunwar.

Jenny’s original name is Janaki Kunwar.

(A part of 2010 Dec 22 report) After producing Ghayal and Hulchal, the female producer and actress Jenny Kunwar has decided to halt the production business. She has started to spend more time in meditation and spiritual studies. None of the two movies with names copied from Hindi movies could leave any impression to the audience. Although Ghayal could raise it’s investment, Hulchal was a total loss.

Jenny says that it was much more difficult to market the movie than producing. Film critics say that movies produced by Jenny have no originality as the name themselves were borrowed from Hindi movies.

According to Jenny, film production is a stressful job. She hopes meditation relieve the tension related to various problem she has and she had plans to go to India and other countries to continue in her spiritual journey.