10 successful Nepali movies out of 46 Films released in 2079 Year

In the year 2079 there were a total of 46 films released from the first day Baisakh 1 to Chaitra 24. That is an indication of the recovering of the film industry after the start of the pandemic in the New Year of 2077.

Baisakh 1 release – “A Mero Hajur 4” featured Anmol KC and Suhana Thapa in leading role and was successful. That was a good start of the year. The year started with a sequel and most of the successful movies released this year had been sequel movies. In addition to A Mero Hajur 4 other sequels Chhakka Panja 4, Prem Geet 3, Kabbaddi 4 all were successful in the box office. The last movie to release in 2079 – “Bahab” featuring Surakshya Panta in leading role was released on the last Friday of the year, Chaitra 24.

The movies that failed to be up to the expectation were multi-starrer film “Timro Mero Saath” of Shiva Shrestha, “December Falls” & Anmol KC’s flim ‘Chhadke 2″. It was an interesting incident of Anmol KC apologizing for the failure of Chhadeke.

Here are the 10 successful movies of 2079:

1. Kabaddi 4 became the record-breaking film in terms of box-office collection in the history of Nepali movies. The movie featuring Dayahang Rai, Miruna Magar and Saugat Malla was the last in the Kabaddi series. Although the sequel continues – the name of the upcoming movie is told not to contain the name ‘Kabaddi’ but, it will be named after Saugat Malla’s character.
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