2 Slaps – Inhuman punishment; is the society going backward?

A warning notice posted near the Bishnumati Bridge in Balaju, Kathmandu reads:

If anybody is found throwing garbage around this Bishnumati Bridge, out people volunteers will charge Rs. 5000 fine and slap 2 times.

Doesn’t the rule sound like a "Jungle Rule"? No civil society allows "local youth" to punish anybody. Punishing is the job of law enforcement officers or the police officers. Nobody else can punish anybody – that too physically.


Nobody can deny the fact that the person who
litters a public place should be punished, but physical punishment is inhuman.

No local clubs should be allowed to punish anybody. If they are to enforce such rules, why the government need police officers?

The notice says that it was erected by Balaju Conservation Committee of Jayanti Youth Club.  Photo credits – Rajendra Gyalai – Nagarik

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