Nepal: world’s best child welfare story

Found this encouraging story: copied it from yahoo to paste here! :)

Despite a devastating 10-year civil war, Nepal has scripted the best child welfare story in the world, slashing child mortality by over 65 percent and magically improving child healthcare.

‘Nepal is one of the seven countries in the world that has been successful in cutting child mortality by two-thirds,’ said Gillian Mellsop, Unicef’s Nepal representative, releasing the report ‘State of the world’s children’ in Kathmandu Thursday.

‘What is commendable for Nepal is that we were able to make this progress despite the conflict the country has experienced in the last decade.’

In 2001 in Nepal – one of the world’s poorest countries where remote villages lack healthcare, safe drinking water, electricity and sanitation – 91 children under the age of five died in every 1,000 children, according to the health ministry.

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