Geek slipper – wearing the keyboard

Who would want a keyboard designed slipper? I am sure it won’t be that comfortable wearing this oddly designed footwear.  


I wouldn’t want to own such a footwear because:

  • It sucks when you can’t wear and show off your design at the same time.
  • I doesn’t follow the foot contour.
  • It would most probably be the most uncomfortable footwear with the "enter" key pressing the under-sole.

Photo sent by one of our readers.

Arunima Lamsal gave birth to a baby girl

Congratulation Arunima Lamsal for being the mother of a daughter.

arunima with her mom radha lamsal

Although, the delivery date predicted by the doctors was November 26, Arunima felt pain in the abdomen and had to be rushed to the Norvic hospital in Thapathali Kathmandu. At 7:45 PM on Tuesday, November 8, 2011, a healthy baby girl of 2.1 Kg weight was born in a normal delivery.

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Nepali Movie – Nai Nabhannu La

nai_nabhannu_laNepali Movie – Nai Na Bhannu La (2011)
StarringJiwan Luitel Suman Singh, Richa Singh Thakuri (new face), Mithila Sharma, Mukesh Acharya, Hemanta Budhathokietc.
Wirter/Director – Bikash Acharya

The movie ‘Nai Nabhannu La’ is a presentation of Himalayan Films P. Ltd. It’s sequel ‘Nai Nabhannu La 2’ has been a huge success. The third sequel, ‘Nai Nabhannu La 3’ is releasing on April 10, 2015 and the production of the next sequel ‘Nai Nabhannu La 4’ has already started before the release of the third sequel.
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