Movie Review – Sathi Ma Timro

At the time when two or even four movies are being released every week, there was only one movie released this week – Bhuwan KC’s “Sathi Ma Timro”. “Sathi Ma Timro” is a story of a struggling movie producer and his son, played by child artist Shirshak Sapkota in leading role.


Saathi ma timro is a story of a son Avisekh K.C (Bhuwan K C), a struggling film producer trying to fulfill his father’s wish. In his movie venture, Avisekh lost everything including his wife Puja (Richa Ghimire), his house, his car, and his luxurious life. All he was left with was his son Anmol (played by Shirshak Sapkota). Although, he had numerous problems in pursuing his father’s dream project, a movie named Saathi Ma Timro, he tried his best to keep his son Anmol from being aware of such problems. A struggling actress Ashmi (Rekha Thapa) was impressed by Avisekh got attracted towards him. Although deep inside she loved Avisekh, she couldn’t express her love to him.

Will Avisekh be able to finish his father’s dream project? Will his little son Anmol know about the problems his father faced? Will Ashmi be able to express her love to Avisekh? Will Puja come back in the life of Avisekh?
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