Anmol KC Films (full films)

At the time of the release of Anmol KC’s upcoming movie, ‘Kri’ I am reposting the list of full movies of Anmol KC.

This is the collection of all the films of Anmol KC available online. Anmol KC debuted as a lead actor in his first movie ‘Hostel’. But, before he acted in leading roles, he had also made short appearances in a number of movies as a child artist and he had also appeared in ‘Sathi Ma Timro’. The fifth movie of Anmol KC ‘Kri’ shooting has completed recently and is scheduled to release at the time of Valentine Day of 2018.

[Biography of Anmol KC]

Let’s start with the movies he was featured in leading roles.

Gajalu (2016)

More information about ‘Gajalu’ is written in the xNepali movie page. The movie is the debut movie of Miss Nepal 2012, Shristi Shrestha. It is the fourth movie of Anmol KC in leading role, all of which were successful. Other actors in the movie are Salon Basnet, Gaurav Pahadi, Menuka Pradhan, Gauri Malla, Bishow Basnet and Krishna Malla.

After the success of ‘Hostel’ and ‘Jerryy’; ‘Gajalu’ marks the hat trick of successful movies of Hem Raj BC. All these movies featured Anmol KC in leading roles. (Watch them below)

Watch the full movie:
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Nepali Movie – Sathi Ma Timro

Nepali Movie – Sathi Ma Timro
Starring – Bhuwan KC, Rekha Thapa, Kamal Krishna, Richa Ghimire, Shirshak Sapkota, Anmol KC etc.
Director – Shiva Regmi

The movie produced by Kajal Films is one more movie produced by popular movie actor Bhuwann KC. The actor added an extra ‘n’ in his name on the suggestion of an astrologer. We posted Bhuwan’s interview at the time of the release of the movie (in February of 2012).

Although our review of ‘Sathi Ma Timro’ was positive in nature, the movie wasn’t that successful in theater and changing names wasn’t as helpful as expected.

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Bhuwan KC and Binita Baral – Result of the name change game

This time, there was an unlikely competition between a established producer and actor Bhuwan KC and a new entry actress Binita Baral. It was not only in changing their names on the suggestion of their respective astrologers, they also competed in creating controversies. And the unlikely winner was Binita Baral (we better call her Beenita Baral).

Nepali film industry is becoming more competitive these days. Established actors and actresses are facing hard time in remaining relevant in these days and the new actors and film makers are ruling our film industry. In this race, actor / producer, Bhuwan KC‘s attempt to make a comeback was not successful.

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Movie Review – Sathi Ma Timro

At the time when two or even four movies are being released every week, there was only one movie released this week – Bhuwan KC’s “Sathi Ma Timro”. “Sathi Ma Timro” is a story of a struggling movie producer and his son, played by child artist Shirshak Sapkota in leading role.


Saathi ma timro is a story of a son Avisekh K.C (Bhuwan K C), a struggling film producer trying to fulfill his father’s wish. In his movie venture, Avisekh lost everything including his wife Puja (Richa Ghimire), his house, his car, and his luxurious life. All he was left with was his son Anmol (played by Shirshak Sapkota). Although, he had numerous problems in pursuing his father’s dream project, a movie named Saathi Ma Timro, he tried his best to keep his son Anmol from being aware of such problems. A struggling actress Ashmi (Rekha Thapa) was impressed by Avisekh got attracted towards him. Although deep inside she loved Avisekh, she couldn’t express her love to him.

Will Avisekh be able to finish his father’s dream project? Will his little son Anmol know about the problems his father faced? Will Ashmi be able to express her love to Avisekh? Will Puja come back in the life of Avisekh?
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Bhuwan KC talks Sathi Ma Timro

The actor and producer Bhuwan KC is one of the well known personality in Nepali movie industry who doesn’t need an introduction. It was at the end of 2009 Bhuwan KC announced his son to be featured in Sathi Ma Timro. After almost a year, he realized Anmol need to focus more on studies than in acting. By the time Bhuwan was ready to release his movie, he sought suggestions from astrologer who suggested him to add a letter in his Name. That is reason behind Sathi ma Timro being presented by Bhuwann KC not Bhuwan KC.

At the time of release of his latest movie, Raunak has talked with Bhuwan for xNepali on various issues of his new movie:

Q. Tell us something about your upcoming project “Sathi ma Timro”?
Bhuwan – “Sathi ma Timro” is a story about a family in which, a 5 year kid Sirshak Sapkota has an important role. It is purely a family movie with some action, comedy, songs, and emotional scenes to cater the needs of Nepali movie viewers. In total, it is a family entertainment movie.

Q.  In some interviews, you have said that after the release of this movie 60% producers of Nepali movies will leave this field. Does this movie contain the story of our film industry?
Bhuwan – Yes, this movie has a story of our film industry too. It’s a story of a father and son, it’s a story of a family which resemblances to many families of our society.

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Does Bhuwan KC still have the competitive advantage?

Understanding Nepali film industry is not easy. I am confused when somebody asks about the strongest star-power actor in Nepali film industry. In fact, there is none! Neither ‘s action nor Rekha Thapa‘s exposure can be a sure-shot of success.

But, in case of Bhuwan KC, there seems to be a consensus among media people that, he makes movies that do good business. Although it might not be true for all the movies Bhuwan KC has done as an actor, but the movies he had produced so far had been successful commercially.

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Bhuwann KC, astrologer added an extra ‘n’ in his name

The investment in Nepali movies is very insecure and nobody knows how the viewers perceive new movies. It becomes scary when the story and the content is not strong enough. In such situations, Nepali film makers go in the refuge of astrologers. 

This time, an established producer and actor in Nepali movie, Bhuwan KC went to an astrologer who told him to rename himself to which the actor gladly agreed and added an extra ‘n’ at the end of his name. This shows how insecure our producers are; they can even change their name to make a movie a success. In Bhuwan’s upcoming movie he will be named Bhuwann KC instead of Bhuwan KC. And, the title of the movie will also have the phrase Bhuwann KC ‘s Sathi Ma Timro in it’s posters and promo materials.

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Anamol KC to stop acting for 3 years

Anamol KC, the star-son, upcoming actor, supposed to walk on his father’s step became popular among the younger generation even before the release of his first movie.

Bhuwan KC, the father has something else planned for the cute boy. He wants Anamol to finish studies before he fully plunges into acting. When the parents, Bhuwan and Sushmita started feeling the celebrity status heating up, Anamol’s studies started to get worse.

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Bhuwan KC’s son Anamol to walk on his father’s steps

The youngest son of Bhuwan KC is going to act in a movie with his father. Bhuwan KC and his son Anamol will act as father and son in a home production movie called “Sathi ma Timro”.

Bhuwan wanted at least one of his children to work in films for which he has found Anmol interested and capable. His older son Bivek and daughter Kajol are studying in the US.

Anamol KC is studying in grade 10 and is appearing in SLC exam this year. Apart from acting Anamol is also interested in singing. He likes to sing rock and pop songs.
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