Actress Sushma Karki to open up for 3 lakh

Actress Sushma Karki, known for her item dance in ‘Loot‘ will be showing up much more in her upcoming movie “Bindash”. At the time when Nepali movies are leaning towards stories in adult themes, the upcoming movie is told to be made in the similar theme. In the movie, the actress has agreed to do “whatever the story demands”. The cost of such an agreement was however not cheap for the producers. Sushma had asked for 4 lakh and 20 thousand. But, after negotiation, she agreed to do the role in Rs. 3 lakh 5 hundred fifty-one.


The director of the movie Raju Giri told that Sushma was the exact fit for the story. Giri added that the movie will feature intimate tongue kisses, bed scenes, nude scenes and other hot scenes. Sushma will also speak vulgar words in the movie.

Sushma told that she liked the script very much. The movie will go on floor on Jestha 1. The film team will finish the shooting in 35 days.

Apart from Sushma Karki, the movie will also feature Ashok Fuyal and Sushant Karki in lead roles. The movie is made on the story written by Bhojraj Devkota, music by Arjun Pokharel, and camera by Rajendra Sapkota.