Manisha Koirala to write an autobiography?

Bollywood actress of Nepali origin, Manisha Koirala, has gone through a very diverse life style and she has gone through many ups and lows.

manisha meditiation

In past few years, Manisha has been inclined to meditation and spiritual learning. The such spiritual inclination has increased after problem in her married life. After she was diagnosed with cancer, she has been seeking help from spiritual leaders and fr

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Binita Baral’s third movie, teaser photos

UPDATE – This was the movie ‘Superhit’. The movie was released in 2016 in theatre. A lot of things had changed in the three-years time. At the time of the release of the movie, Binita Baral was in the USA. Binita had broken up with her boyfriend and the director of the movie by that time. So, Binita didn’t help in the promotion of the movie. The name itself was confusing because there was another movie of Binita with similar name – ‘Superstar’. The second movie of the actress, ‘Superstar’ was a super flop film. The third movie was not only similar in the name, the movie also met the similar fate – the movie was also a flop movie.

Actress Binita Baral released a few photo shots from her upcoming movie. But, she has kept the title of the movie a secret.

Binita Baral’s first movie ‘Chapali Height‘ became one of the most successful Nepali movies in 2011 but, the second movie ‘Full Stop’ couldn’t attract viewers. To create curiosity in the v
iewers, the production team of her third kept the information about the movie a secret.

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Film workers in strike – FDB to be locked down on Wednesday

9 different organizations of film workers have united to force the government to comply with their demand. It has been almost three weeks a 9-point agreement was signed between film workers and minister of communication Raj Kishor Yadav. But, the agreement hasn’t been implemented. The film workers are going to lock down the Film Development Board office to force the government to comply with the agreement.

In a press meet organized on January 8, 2013, the lock down on Wednesday was announced. In the program, Suresh Darpan Pokharel, Nir Shah, Manoj KC, Yogendra Shrestha, Dinesh Pakhrin, Mausami Malla, Nawal Khadka, Raj Kumar Rai and Bimal Poudel spoke on their demands.

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Prakash Sayami, comeback in movie direction after a decade

After 11 years of absence from the Nepali movie industry, director Prakash Sayami is planning to make a comeback with a new movie ‘Dastoor’. ‘Hatiyar’ was the last movie Sayami had directed a decade ago.

The movie is going to be produced by actor Simant Udash and his brother Bhim Udash. The movie is going to be made on the story of sports persons.

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Jaljala to be released in Kathmandu on Jan 11

A movie made on the story of Maoist civil war in Nepal, ‘Jaljala’ is going to be released in theaters on January 11, 2012. The movie features Rekha Thapa, Aayush Rijal, Kamal Krishna, Kishor Khatiwada, and late Gopal Bhutani in main roles.

‘Jaljala’ features actress Rekha Thapa as a Maoist combatant and it will try to justify the Maoist revolution. The mo
vie directed by Shivaji Lamichane also feature the political problem in Nepal because of foreign pressure.

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Malina Joshi star opposite to Raj Ballav in ‘Ritu’

Former Miss Nepal Malina Joshi has decided to start acting in movies. After being featured in a song in upcoming movie ‘Kollywood‘, Malina seem to like the field and has signed up to star in ‘Ritu’.

Most of the shooting of the movie ‘Ritu’ is planned to be done in Australia and Malina has already left for Aus
tralia for the shooting. With Malina actor Raj Ballav Koirala is also in Australia.

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Poojana Pradhan featured in new looks in ‘Mero Katha’

Actress Poojana Pradhan is going to be featured in new looks in her upcoming movie ‘Mero Katha’. The movie features the actress in a village looks. In the movie Poojana and Aayush Rijal are featured as guest artists.

The producer of the movie, Rabindra Baral, is also working as a fight director and cameraman in the movie.

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'Use' another Nepali movie on sex

In the flood of sex-related movies, ‘Use’ is another such upcoming movie. The first promo and music of the movie, based on a story of human trafficking, was released in Kathmandu on the new year’s day. With the promotion theme ‘Love, sex and use’ the movie tries to attract the youth.

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Namrata to be featured in 'Moun'

Arpan Thapa (‘Dhanda’ fame) and Namrata Shrestha are going to be featured in Suraj Bhusal’s debut directorial venture ‘Moun’. Two lead actors will have romantic role in the movie and it will be the first such role for actor Arpan Thapa.

Before ‘Moun’ Namrata had worked with Arpan in their upcoming movie ‘Chadke’. The upcoming movie will mostly feature theater actors.

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Nir Shah to retire?

Actor and producer Nir Shah has announced his retirement from the Nepali film industry. Shah says that the reason behind the decision is the down-turn of the industry. He says, he is not happy with the industry and he doesn’t feel any excitement in working.

He says that he is forced to retire from the industry. But, he also added, he will always be there when needed. In the long filmy career of Shah, he says that the industry was never this low in quality.

2013 new releases – Soongava, Dhartiputra, and Afnai Manlai Sodhi Hera

‘Soongava’, ‘Dhartiputra’ and ‘Afnai Manlai Sodhi Hera’ are going to be the first three Nepali movies to be released on the new year 2013.

‘Soongava’ has been on headline from the beginning because of it’s lesbian theme. Subarna Thapa’s ‘Soongava’ features Nisha Adhikari and Diya Maskey in lead role. Saugat Malla, Laxmi Giri and Basundhara Bhusal also have important roles in the movie.Although the movie was successful in being featured in various film festival, there is a high chance that the majority of Nepali movie viewers miss the message.

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Audio of ‘Kollywood’ released, again

In a press meet held in Kathmandu, the audio of upcoming movie ‘Kollywood’ was released on December 30, 2012. The music was previously unveiled in a program held in Qatar, and the second release of the CD is believed to be nothing more than a publicity stunt.

In the audio release program Ashok Sharma was the chief guest. The director Navaraj Acharya, actors Aryan Sigdel, ac
tress Priyanka Karki and the producer Tanka Karki jointly unveiled the music CD. The movie features three songs including an item song. Miss Nepal 2011 Malina Joshi is also featured in one of the songs in the movie.

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Republica Miss Teen 2012 is Keshu Khadka

Keshu Khadka was selected to wear the crown of this year, Republica Miss Teen 2012, in an event held on December 23, 2012, in Army Officers Club, Kathmandu.

There were 18 participants out of which 10 were selected after talent round and best dress round, for the final competition. The judges of the event included Sabita Bhandari Baral, photographer Raj Bhai Suwal, model Mahesh Shrestha, businessman Ujjwal Kumar Shrestha, and Rajendra Malla.

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Rajesh Payal Rai planning to get married?

In a latest report, bachelor singer, Rajesh Payal Rai, has finally made up his mind to get married. While he was in London during his Europe tour, he had a long discussion with his parents who live there about marriage. His parents wanted Rajesh to marry soon and like an obedient son, Rajesh has agreed to get married soon.

Rajesh Payal Rai is currently in Australia and he is doing a live concert in Sydney on Saturday. The concert is being organized by Tamu Samaj, Australia to mark the Losar festival. Another famous singer Anjana Gurung and
comedian dancer Bijay Thapa will also perform with Rajesh in the concert.

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