Nir Shah hospitalized after a minor heart problem

Nepali actor, director, and a businessman Nir Shah has been admitted to hospital after a heart problem. Our sources have termed the heart problem as a ‘minor’ case. 

He was admitted to Gangalal Heart Hospital in Kathmandu on June 28.

nir shah

In January last year, Nir Shah announced retirement. We questioned his retirement at that time and as we expected he didn’t retire. He has recently completed the shooting of ‘Seto Bagh’ – a movie and a television serial simultaneously.

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Nepali Movie – The Commando

Nepali film – The Commando
Starring – Shyam Maharjan, Biraj Rai, Jhalak Rai, Gopal Bhutani, Shanti Maskey, Simanta Udas, Rajkumar Rai etc.
Director – JB Rai

‘The Commando’ is the first movie of Shri Ram Pictures and a presentation of Mun Sun Film. The script and dialogue of the movie is written by the director JB Rai and the editing is done by Rajan pant.

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