Who attacked Rose Rana ?

‘Jaya Parshuram’ director and producer Rose Rana was attacked by Khukuri and was seriously injured in a Mid-Baneshowr restaurant. According to reports, Rose Rana tried to block the attack by his right hand and sustained serious injuries on his hand. Right after the attack, Rose Rana was rushed to Everest Hospital in Baneshowr. Because of the serious nature of the injury, he was later taken to Grande Hospital.

Video report:

Who might have attacked Rose Rana ?

It is not known who attacked Rose. According to an unconfirmed report, one of them was a film director. As the names is not related, it is just a speculation. Rose Rana has a sketchy background. He is accused of running illegal business and running dance bars. So, there are a lot of people that can possibly attack him.

Here are some of the previous incidents of Rose Rana that I had written about:
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