Nepali Movie – Ta, Ma ra U (Neeta Dhungana and Amesh Bhandari)

Nepali Movie – Ta, Ma ra U
Starring – Neeta Dhungana, Amesh Bhandari, Sudin Prasai etc.
Director – Lachhu Gautam

About Ta, Ma ra U

The movie directed by Lachhu Gautam, ‘Ta Ma ra U’ is a triangular love story featuring real-live lovers, Neeta and Amesh. It was their first movie together. The artist’s, another movie was released before this was released. The movie titled ‘Phulai Phulko Mausam Timilai’ failed to impress viewers. After the failure of the movie, Amesh and Neeta also parted their ways. The love-birds before the release of the movie became ex right after the failure of the movie. When it was time for the release of this movie, neither of them were seen at the promotion. The film also din’t do well in box office.

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Nepali Movie – The Winner (Malina Joshi, Mahesh Man)

Nepali Movie – The Winner
Starring – Malina Joshi, Maheshman Shrestha, Manchin Shakya, Reshu Tamang, Amit Giri etc.
Director – Hikmat Bista

About The Winner

The movie made under Diamond Star banner and directed by Hikmat Bista was released on November 4, 2016. The movie shot in various international locations was a new experiment in the Nepali film industry. But, the experiment wasn’t as successful as expected. The movie was shot in various locations in Nepal, Australia and Dubai. The producers of the movie had told that they had given it a Bollywood and Hollywood flavour. The movie features Miss Nepal 2011, Malina Joshi in leading role with other artists that are new in the Nepali film industry.

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