Dr. Upendra Devkota, Can cancer be cured by Ayurveda?

Dr. Upendra Devkota is one of the top neurologist in South Asia. He started neuro section in Bir Hospital and had also started neuro hospital in Bansbari. Now, a cancer patient, he is being treated in the hospital. Dr. Devkota had gone to the UK for the treatment. But, when his body didn’t respond to chemotherapy, he returned back to Nepal to die in his birthplace.

According to the western medicine, there is no hope of Dr. Devkota. But, the eastern solution, Ayurveda is different from that of the western world. The 5000 years old science treats diseases by a quite different philosophy – by considering the body as a whole rather than an individual part of the body. When nothing works, you would try everything possible. — May be, that is the situation of Dr. Upendra Devkota. Dr. Devkota’s father was an Ayurveda doctor.

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