59 Madan Puraskar Award Winner Books – 2018 award goes to Nilam Karki Niharika for Yogmaya

Writer Nilam Karki Niharika is awarded the Madan Puraskar of 2075 year for her book titled ‘Yogmaya’. The writer is the writer of another book ‘Chirharan’ which was one of the top 7 books selected for the award last year.

Yogmaya is a historical character who had fight against the Rana ruler of that time. She is considered a saint and an influential female figure of the history of Nepal. That was in the time when women were not considered credible human being and were treated as the property of her husband or father or somebody male.

To honour the effort in the development of children literature for the last five decades, the Jagadamba Shree award was awarded to Shantadas Manandhar.

MadanPuraskar is considered the most prestigious literature award in Nepal, given to outstanding book in the Nepali language published within the Nepali calendar year.
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