Artist Dinesh DC arrested

dinesh-dc Accused of collecting money in the name of disabled people and keeping it for himself, artist Dinesh DC was arrested by the police on November 28, 2010.

Dinesh was released after he handed over the amount to the person in the presence of DSP Dipak Thapa of Mahargung police station.

Dinesh DC had been collecting money through a Kantipur television program named "Khoji Prtibhako" for the treatment of Sanjog Parajuli, a disabled person . He had collected a sum of Rs. 35,000 for the treatment but he kept the money to himself instead of handing over to Sanjog.

DC told that he was "too busy" to hand over the money. I don’t think people will find it easy to buy his argument. If he could have been that busy to handover the money, why did he collected it in the first place?

If a well known person like DC needs to be arrested to force paying back the charity money how can somebody believe in donating?

Receipt handed over by the child’s mother to Dinesh DC after receiving the money:

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