Deepawali lights

(UPDATE) Blogger Mohammad Tajim has suggested that the image is not that of Deepawali. Although the images is being circulated as that of being Deepawali, one can argue that they don’t celebrate Deepawali in Pakistan (at least, not to that extent). Tajim commented:

This apparently is not am image shot on Diwali. This image is overlapping with three other images shot iin interval of last 2 decade.. the blue color lights were present from 1992 to 1998 and are not present now whereas green lights represent area which became inhabited after 2002 and yellow light are the consistent light from 1992 to 2011…

Amazing image of Deepawali, the festival of lights ! Anyways, with the amount of lights during Deepawali, we can expect a colorful scenery as seen in the image, during Depawali.

The following image taken from the skies, shows the evening o
f Deepawali
in which India (and, to some extent in Nepal) is flooded with light.


Image credits NASA. Refer to this link to request high resolution image (via Mohammad Tajim).


Deepawali in one of the houses in Kathmandu (photo credits – Prakash Shah)


Depawali lights on Kathmandu street (photo credits .

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