Dhiren Shakya, list of all the movies

Nepali actor Dhiren Shakya is one of the handsome actors in Nepali movie industry and had his fan base in his time. He has acted in more than 100 movies so far. Birthday of Dhiren is October 31. He was born in Palpa. He went to British Army and after the initial training, he left British Army and returned back.

Here is the list of full movies featuring Dhiren Shakya in xnepali:

Nepali Movie – Black (Aakash Shrestha, Aanchal Sharma)
Nepali Movie – Insaf (Rajesh Hamal, Nikhil, Jharana Thapa)
Nepali Movie – Apsara (Sanchita Luitel, Ramesh Upreti, Bipana Thapa)
Nepali Movie – Hey Yuwa
Nepali Movie – Bacha Bandhan
Nepali Movie – Achanak
Nepali Movie – Maile Bulnai Sakina
Nepali Movie – Anshabanda
Nepali Movie – Janma Janma
Nepali Movie – Saubhagya (Dhiren Shakya, Mausami Malla)
Nepali Movie – Deurali
Nepali Movie – Dagbatti
Nepali Movie – Saait
Nepali Movie – Maya Baiguni
Nepali Movie – Jwalamukhi
Nepali Movie – Bhagya Le Jurayo
Nepali Movie – Ranabhumi
Nepali movie – Dusmani
Nepali Movie – Plan
Nepali Movie – Chino (new)
Nepali Movie – Nepal (2007)
Nepali Movie – Krodh
Nepali Movie – Arjun
Nepali Movie – Anga Rakshyak

An interview of Dhiren in Black and White program in Image channel. Dhiren has two school-aged daughters.

Photos of Dhiren Shakya

An August 2015 photo of Dhiren Shakya with his daughter

Dhiren with his another daughter, Juliana

Dhiren dubbing of the upcoming movie “Phulai Phul Ko mausam timilai”

Dhiren Shakya distributes earthquake relief materials.

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