Has Rajesh Hamal stopped acting? Busy in stage shows, currently in Salyan

Nepali superstar Rajesh Hamal was in Salyan for a cultural program on Janauary 16, 2017. In the event held in Sreenagar, Salyan, Rajesh Hamal was the chief guest and the main attraction. In the stage, Rajesh told that it was his first visit to Salyan was impressed by the warm welcome he received there. For the entertainment of the public, he also told some of his popular dialogues and danced to the songs by other singers on the stage.

Video report of Hamal’s Salyan program:

It was a fun event. People enjoyed Rajesh Hamal’s presence. But, it seems Hamal is ignoring the field that introduced him to those people – films. He has stopped signing new movies after marrying Madhu Bhattarai. A few movies he did after marriage were not successful either. There is no news of any new movies of Rajesh Hamal.

It seems, Rajesh Hamal is more busy travelling, doing programs and social works. He had gone to the USA, been to various countries including India, Bhutan, Pakistan for his Quiz program in television. Last month, he was in Dubai, UAE and danced on stage in NEFTA Award show. A few days ago, he was one of the judges of a film festival held in Dharan. Before that, he was in Surkhet dancing with a beautiful model.

The stage show in Surkhet was very successful. The video report of Rajesh Hamal and Jyoti Magar performance in Surkhet was very popular in YouTube. At the time of this writing, the video has received more than three lakh viewers.

You can watch the video below:

It seems, the Mahanayak has decided to take a break from his acting and enjoy the celebrity lifestyle. It sure is his personal choice but, the viewers still love to see their favourite actor to be seen on the big screen.

Rajesh Hamal is the celebrity of the month of January 2017 in Anand Nepal YouTube channel.

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