Height of TV addiction

Most of Indian women are housewives and their favorite pass-time is viewing TV. With never ending addictive TV serials many are accused of skipping their daily routines to watch TV.

Well, I found a classic photo of such Indian women:

… what would you call to this addiction to TV of these women from India who in spite of having their home flooded with water are reluctant to leave their favorite programs on TV.

TV Addiction

TV Addiction is the thing of the past after the invention of mobile phone. These days, mobile phones are more addictive than anything else. But, in the past, TV used to be called “plug-in drug”.

Colour TV was manufactured by The Radio Corporation of America on March 25, 1954, at Indiana plant. At that time, it was termed “the wonderful world of color.” In the USA the number of households with TV sets increased from 87% in 1960 to over 98% in 2001. These days, most homes have more than one TV – about 2.4 TV per home on average.

In 2004, the average adult spends 1,669 hours watching television (an equivalent of 70 days a year – 13 years of an average person’s life in front of the television)

Now, the TV addiction has shifted to video games and handheld device addiction. With touch screen, even the toddlers can enjoy the shows. There are kids apps and kids programs. It is a TV in miniature form factor with a lot and lots of additional options.

Although the added benefits a smartphone or handheld device is immense, it has also brought the addiction factor too.
I think there is no stopping of one addiction or the other. Even if handheld device is removed, people will find one thing to get addicted to.

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