Threat to Prachanda from his ex-friend Biplav, going to USA for wife’s treatment

It is suspected that Prachanda has decided to leave the country after he was warned about the possible threat from his own friend of past – Biplav. Prachanda told about the threat in a public event and told that that was not going to help his friend who had worked as his secretary during the people’s war.

When CPN Maoist decided to go to election and form government, a faction of the party had separated itself from the party and formed another party under the leadership of Biplav. The party is now trying to re-do what Prachanda did decades ago. They are trying to create problem to the government and re-orginize the party.

Talking in an event, Prachanda warned Biplav not to try being Prachanda. He suggested them to do something different to fulfil their demands.
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Gyanendra seeks active role, KP Oli challenges to participate in election

Ex-King, Gyanendra Shah had told in Bhai Tika that the time has come for him to play an active leadership role in the country. He told that the parties and the leaders have failed and he should play the leadership role to lead the country. While the Gyanendra supporters have rejoiced his statement, the political leaders and pundits have ridiculed Gyanendra’s statement as the return of monarchy in Nepali is virtually non-existant.

Talking in a program in Kathmandu the ex-prime minister, KP Sharma Oli challenged the ex-King to participate in the election and take the leadership role. In the program Oli didn’t name Gyanendra but told that, “Everybody who wants to lead the country can participate in the election and get the mandate of the people to lead the country. While KP Oli challenged the ex-king, other ex-prime ministers, Puspa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ and Jhala Nath Khanal were sitting beside Oli.

I wrote about Gyanendra’s statement in my previous post.

Video report:

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Gyanendra seeks active responsibilities, Tihar message

Ex King Gyanendra Shah has told that he is ready to take the responsibility of leading the country. On the occasion of Bhai Tika on the fifth day of Tihar, he talked briefly with the journalists and told that the country seems to be lacking a leader to lead it to the prosperity. He told that he is worried about the country as a general citizen. He added, “I think the time has come for me to take the responsibility and leadership of the country. But for that to happen, everybody should agree.”

He also added that the statement doesn’t mean he wanted an active role in the Nepali politics. He told, “This is not about being active or inactive. This is the time the country has asked for and it is the right time.” He told, the Bhai Tika is the day of living with the family and enjoy. He also asked the citizen of Nepal to listen to his statement carefully.

By the way he gave the statement, it is clear that something is cooking in Gyanendra’s kitchen. It seems, he is planning to do something in terms of taking back the power he had lost almost a decade ago.  Continue reading

Who are the daughters of late princess Shruti Rajya Laxmi Shah Rana?

(This is one of the very few posts that I write here, that is not related to Nepali movies.)

The daughters of late princess Shruti Rajya Laxmi Shah Rana are Girvani Rana and Surangana Rana. The daughter of late King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah, Shruti was married to Gorakh Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana. After giving birth to two daughter, Shruti was killed in the Royal Massacre that happened in the Narayanhiti Royal Palace on June 1, 2001.

Father Gorakh Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana raised the infant daughters of Shruti, who were 2 and 3 years old at the time of the death of their mother in the royal massacre.

Ex-crown Princess Shruti Rajya Laxmi Shah’s elder daughter Girvani Rana was born on January 22, 1998. The younger daughter Surangana Rana was born on October 2, 2000.

About the father, Kumar Gorakh Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana

The father of the two, Kumar Gorakh Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana is the descendants of the Rana prime minister, Chandra Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana. Gorakh and Shruti got married on 7 May 1997 in Kathmandu.

After the death of Shruti in 2001, he raised the daughters remaining single for almost a decade. Gorakh Rana married the daughter of the younger brother of ex-prime minister Lokendra Bahadur Chand, Deepti Chand on December 5, 2008. Deepti and Gorakh have a daughter from the second marriage.

Gorakh currently works in Standard Chartered Bank in Kathmandu.

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Producer and Actor Rose Rana in custody

Actress Saujanya Subba and Producer/ Actor Roj Rana (Rose Rana) had problems in their relationship and accused each others for doing harm. But, after the matter reached the police, they have settled today afternoon in Metropolitan Police Range, Jawalakhel and agrred not do any harm to each other. Saujanya and Roj were having problems after the break up of their love affair

Background of the issue:

Saujanya had filed a case of social crime in Lalitpur Police Station against Rose a week earlier. In the complaint, Saujanya had complained that Rose had threatened to kill her. According to Sanghu Weekly, actor Bhupendra Chand, son of Ex-Prime Minister Lokendra Bahadur Chand was helping Saujanya in the case. The weekly reported that Saujanya is currently in relationship with Chand. Quoting a police source Saujanya has reportedly demanded Rs five crore from Rose after he denied marrying her. Rose in response threatened to release one of their sex videos.

In the Filmy market there was even rumor of the release of sex video and Rose was responsible for the release. The video however isn’t publicly available.

Meanwhile, although Saujanya and Roj has agreed, Metropolitan Police range, hanumandhoka has taken Rose into custody today for further investigation on the complaint of actor Bhupendra Chand. In the complaint Chand has told that Rose had threatened to kill him for persuading Saujanya to file the case against Rose.

Entertainment program in Swimming Pool

Splash pool party event was held on September 15 at Hotel Shahenshah in Basundhara, Kathmandu with entertainment programs; Swimwear fashion show, b boying dance, the eastern stars dance by Reshma Khadgi in Nepali song Saani, live performance by singer Bikash Shrestha and Rapper Boyz magic show by Shujant.

Shruti Baral, Bini Lama, Junu Dawadi and Showstopper Pratima Khatiwoda presented Swimwear Fashion in choreography of Pratima Shrestha. In this event lady DJ ashika also played music and other DJs were ganesh, rob and splash.

According to Iras shrestha, Director of Creative network international (CNI) Nepal, the event was enjoyed by more than 800 people including tourists and the next event will be held at Fun n Food Village Resort in Biratnagar on 20 Ashoj. Iras further added, CNI is organizing such event since 2008 and this is the second event for this year. The first event of this year was held in June 15.



Khusbu and Proshesh- College Ambassador 2012

This year’s winners of College Ambassador 2012 are Proshesh Karki (in male contest) and Khusbu Pradhan (in female contest) who secure 80.5 points and 84 respectively to win the title in the event held at Rastriya Nachghar on 8th September.

In the event organized by Green Media Pvt. Ltd., other some title winners are

  • Most Talented- Ms. Oshika Neupane
  • Most popular award- Mr. Subha Acharya
  • Best Charming award- Prajon Joshi (in male) and Chhimi Tamang (in female)
  • Best Smile- Ms. Prashna Pathak
  • Best Performer- Mr. Bipin Gurung
  • Best Dress – Mr. Rupak Raj Kattel
  • Most Friendly- Mr. Yogesh Lohani and Ms. Sachit KC (corrected, based on one of the comments below)
  • Most Discipline-  Ms. Pratistha Shrestha

14 Male and 14 Female contestants were participated in the event and showed their different talent. The event is being organized regularly since 2007. (Photo credit- Facebook Page of College Amabassador and Hamra Kura)


Children imitating the act of film stars

Children do what they see. Children learn from imitating other’s act. They imitate what others do without thinking whether it is good or not. If they imitate good one, that will give good result. But if they imitate wrong thing, it may lead them to wrong way and even may harm them and others.

Likewise, they like to imitate the act of film stars too. While imitating such act in Taplejung, bad incident has occurred.

11 years old Keshar Purtel has got injured while imitating the act of famous Nepali fiim star Nikhil Uprety. Keshar poured kerosene on himself and lit the fire.

According to Keshar’s father, grade 3 student of local Bhagwati Primary School imitated Uprety’s act while playing with friends. Neighbor put off the fire after seeing Keshar burning. Treatment of injured Keshar is going on in Panchthar Hospital.

According to media report, similar incident has occurred earlier too in Nepalgunj and one boy jumped from terrace imitating the act of actor Biraj Bhatta.

Such repition of bad incidents demands that something should be done so that they won’t occur again and again in future too.

Rajesh Hamal to act in comedy serial, Tito Satya

One of the most popular comedy serial in Nepal Television, Tito Satya, is going to be shot in UK featuring one of the top actors in Nepali movie industry, Rajesh Hamal.

The Tito Satya team is heading for UK on Chaitra 28 for two weeks with Rajesh Hamal who had already acted in another popular comedy serial Meri Bassai. The 3-episode serial will be telecasted that will focus on the story of Nepali artists who left country and live in foreign country.

In the past, Deepak Raj Giri and Deepa Shree Niraula’s comedy show had already featured other big-screen actors like Bhuwan KC, Raj Ballav Koirala, and Keki Adhikari. The episode featuring Raj Ballav Koirala is yet to be telecasted.

News from Nepal February, 2012 (consolidated)

PM assures to revise information classification and restriction

Feb 1, 2012 @ 12:10

Following intense pressure from journalists, the government has decided to revise its information classification directive that was issued restricting an individual, the media or any organization from gaining 140 types of information, including those on big development projects, parliamentary decisions and major decisions of the government.

Two weeks ago, the government issued such directive and Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai has said it has been issued for national security.

On Tuesday in a meeting with the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ), PM Bhattarai assured media persons that the directive would be revised taking suggestions from senior journalists, legal experts, and RTI activists and till then, the directive will be kept on hold. On the same day, the Supreme Court (SC) has also issued a stay order on the government’s directive to restrict information of public importance as per law concerning Right to Information.

A single bench of Justice Baidya Nath Upadhyay issued the order after a hearing on a writ filed by the Democratic Lawyers’ Association. The SC has summoned both the parties to appear in the court on February 5 to discuss whether or not to continue with the stay order.

Clash in Lazimpat area when bulldoze for Road expansion

Feb 4, 2012 @ 18:48

UPDATE: Feb 05, Sunday morning, the locals of Lazimpat in the Capital demonstrated against forceful demolition of personal property.  Due to it, the transportation has come to a grinding halt.  They have launched motorcycle rally and chanted anti-government slogans.

Kathmandu, Feb 04 2012

A minor clash took place in Lazimpat area, Kathmandu on Saturday morning between the locals and police when Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) in collaboration with Kathmandu Valley Town Development Implementation Committee bulldozed the wall of Standard Chartered Bank.

Under the presence of tight security, some houses including the wall of Standard Chartered Bank and adjoining wall of Ambassador Hotel constructed illegally on both sides of the road were bulldozed though the locals had been obstructing road expansion work of the government since one month.

But, according to the locals, the structures are being constructed after taking permission from the municipality.

The government has been intensely expanding road in Kathmandu and Lalitpur based on the criteria set by the Municipality Development Act in 2033 BS. (Photo Credit: Kantipur)

Writing with both hands, legs, mouth and elbows, attempting Guinness records

Feb 5, 2012 @ 12:00

24 years old Manoj Chand of Chaukham village, Baitadi District is making preparations to have his name included in the Guinness Book of World Records, according to RSS.

Manoj can write with both his hands and legs simultaneously and that also normal and reverse handwriting. He can also write using his mouth and elbows. In six seconds, Manoj can write the alphabets from A to Z.

An MBS first year student, Manoj is on a national campaign to enlist his name in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Manoj said he learnt this skill through constant practice over the past three years.

Kantipur plagiarism scandal

Feb 7, 2012 @ 12:20

More details in Nepali – यस प्रकारको चोरीलाइ ‘प्राबिधिक त्रुटी’ भनिन्छ

Kantipur, a leading Nepali National daily has been hit by a plagiarism scandal after question arise on the originality of Articles claimed to be written by one of its young journalist, Aashis Luitel. More than half a dozen articles related to technology sector that were originally published in the New York Times, are found to have published without giving credit to the original source.

According to Nepalnews report, Luitel’s brash plagiarism was exposed by some regular readers of Friday supplement published by Kantipur, in their blogs and twitter posts.

According to a twitter post by Kantipur Daily’s Editor Sudhir Sharma, Aashis Luintel, the coordinator and technology writer of ‘Hello Sukrabar’, has been removed from his responsibilities.

After the expose of plagiarism, Luitel also wrote in twitter as below:

But it has not mentioned there what mistakes he has done.

Telephone service interrupted due to lizard

Feb 10, 2012 @ 18:04

It is hard to believe that a lizard can interrupt the telephone service. But it has happened in Kapilvastu according to RSS reports.

In the past six days, more than one thousand of telephone lines of Nepal Telecom Jitpur Sub-division have been completely disrupted.

At the beginning, the Telecom Kapilvastu cited technical glitch in system as a cause behind the disruption but now it has come to public notice that the main cause was a dead lizard.

Telecom Kapilvastu Taulihawa Chief Rakesh Kumar Gupta informed a dead lizard that was found in the system software has caused short circuit of the system.

Jitpur Sub Division Chief Homnath Bhusal said the problem will be resolved from Telecom Regional Office Bhairahawa.

Nepal’s hat trick win in ACC U-19 Women’s Championship

Feb 10, 2012 @ 18:47

Nepal won third consecutive title in the ACC U-19 Women’s Championship on Friday by defeating Thailand by six wickets in the final match played at Hubara Cricket Ground in Kuwait.

Captain Rubina Chhettri and Mamata Choudhary contributed 56 runs in partnership. Chhetri was exceptional with the ball and grabbed three wickets.

Chhettri was declared player of the match and also player-of-the-tournament award for her all-round performance in the championship.

Match Summary:

Thailand: 74/10 (22.4 Overs)

Nepal: 75/4 (21 Overs)

Apology published in Kantipur for plagiarism

Feb 11, 2012 @ 15:12

Plagiarism has been found during investigation and Kantipur has published apology in its Friday supplement ‘Hello Shukrabar’ on Friday.

In Editorial note, it has apologized to all readers, New York Times and The Telegraph and informed that coordinator Aashis Luitel has been removed from the responsibility of Hello Shukrabar.

Luitel has also apologized for the mistake and requested readers to pardon him once. He also promised not to repeat the mistake again.

PLA Combatants protest against cheque seized by the commanders

Feb 13, 2012 @ 05:35

The combatants from People’s Liberation Army (PLA) First Division in Chulachuli, Ilam have disrupted vehicular movement in Mechi zone from 12 am to 2 pm on Sunday afternoon as a protest against the seizure of their voluntary retirement paychecks by the commanders.

PLA combatants staged demonstration in the eastern region and warned the government to come up with stringent protests if the government did not address their demands within five days that is by February 17.

Their five-point demand includes return of seized cheques and identity cards, relief package for the combatants who joined the Young Communist League (YCL) before the PLA verification by UNMIN in 2007.

The agitating Maoist combatants have not only demanded to the government but also to their party to unveil the details of the PLA fund including income and expenditure.

Earlier news has came in various media that complaints have been received by the Special Committee Secretariat that Maoist commanders are trying to force the PLA combatants to provide a certain percent of their voluntary retirement package.

Five convicted in Sudan scam; 31 police officers got clean-chit

Feb 13, 2012 @ 15:27

Special Court (SC) has convicted three former Inspector General of Police (IGP) and two suppliers on Sudan scam and provided clean chit to 31 police officers. This may be the first ever case of embezzlement of millions rupees in Nepal.

Announcing the verdict on Tuesday, a bench of SC chairman Gauri Bahadur Karki and judges Om Prakash Mishra and Kedar Prasad Chalise slapped a two-year jail term to former IGPs– Om Bikram Rana, Hem Bahadur Gurung and Ramesh Chandra Thakuri–each along with Rs 170,680,000, Rs 64,870,000 and Rs 48,544,000 as fine respectively.The court also slapped a two-year jail term to Michael Rider, director of Assured Risks, the firm that supplied the faulty Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) to the Nepal Police’s Sudan mission and Shambhu Bharati, local agent of the company. The court also pronounced Rs 280 million fine to Rider and Rs 140 million to Bharati.

Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) had filed a corruption case in June last year against 34 top police officers and two suppliers on the charge of misappropriating millions of rupees during the purchase of APCs for Nepali peace keeping mission deployed in Darfur, Sudan.

Campaign started against School bus for overload

Feb 14, 2012 @ 12:02

The metropolitan traffic police division (MTPD) has started a campaign against school vehicles for carrying students beyond their capacity. On the first day of the campaign Monday morning, the MTPD reprimanded 212 overloaded school vehicles.

According to Kantipur news report, 46 students found in a micro-bus of KMC School having capacity of 17, 30 students found in similar vehicle of EPS School, 40 students found in 30 seats bus of Namo Buddha Dhyan Kendra, 35 students found in 25 seats and 45 found in 30 seats vehicle of Manju-shree School, and 13 found on eight seats vehicle of Achme Engineering College.

SP Yogeshwor Romkhami said, the MTPD has asked school owners and guardians to join hands in ensuring child rights. He added buses flouting the ‘mobile code’ may be fined between Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 in future. The fine increases for regular offenders.

According to metropolitan traffic division chief and Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), Ganesh Raj, MTPD has started the campaign to take action against school vehicles carrying students overload even after charging very high transport costs to parents.

SC stays Home Minister’s circular on citizenship by descent

Feb 16, 2012 @ 18:20

The Supreme Court on Thursday issued a stay order on the government’s decision of providing ‘citizenship by descent’ to those children who were born before their parents acquired Nepali citizenships. A joint bench of justices Bharat Raj Upreti and Bharat Raj Karki issued such order.

The advocates duo Bal Krishna Neupane and Prabinata Wosti have filed writ petition on February 12 claiming that Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar’s circular to issue the Nepali citizenship certificates by descent to the children of those citizens who acquired the Nepali citizenship in 2063- 064 BS, was against the law.

The circular was issued by the Home Ministry on January 8 to all the 75 District Administration Offices.

The advocates’ duo argued that there was no provision of distributing citizenships by descent to the children of such parents.

In 2006 on the basis of birth certificates, the government had granted citizenship to around 200,000 people who were born in Nepal before 1990.

Father kills his own three daughters

Feb 17, 2012 @ 18:19

Police arrested Bhakta Bahadur Rumba, 35, of Bakhrekhola, Faparbari-5 of Makwanpur on charge of killing his three daughters on Thursday night.

According to police, mentally unstable Rumba killed 12 years Laxmi Maya, 10 years Sunita Maya and 9 years Anita Maya by attacking with stones at 2:40 am at night.

The incident took place when Rumba’s wife was out of home to attend a marriage ceremony of one of her relatives.

Father murders child born from relation with daughter

Feb 18, 2012 @ 17:57

Police detained Amrit Chand, 59, and his daughter Nanda Kala, 21, on charge of killing a newborn child born from their illegal relationship, in Bhurunge of Jajarkot district.

Both confessed of killing the newborn child. According to news report in kantipur, Chand, along with his daughter, had murdered the child immediately after birth and buried nearby his home.

According to police, they have been held for further investigation.

Democracy Day: no celebration from Govt; besets opposition

Feb 19, 2012 @ 18:27

Opposition parties, Nepali Congress and CPN-UML have criticized UCPN (Maoist) led government for breaking tradition of celebrating democracy day on 7 Fagun when the nation was liberated from the 104-year long Rana dictatorship.

Today on the occasion of the 62nd Democracy Day, Tundikhel remains cold and bizarre. Though the government has given a public holiday on the occasion, the government did not organize any official programmes.

NC vice president Ram Chandra Paudel said the incumbent Maoist-led government is trying to wipe out the history of democracy by paying no heed in celebrating the National Democratic Day and added such act is condemnable.

Similarly, CPN-UML chairman Jhala Nath Khanal said his party would ask Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai for clarification for not celebrating the democracy day.

One died as locals scuffle with police in Chitwan on the eve of Shivaratri

Feb 20, 2012 @ 10:01

18-year-old Rabin Gurung of Simbhanjgyang died in a scuffle between locals and police on Sunday night in Bhaludhunga, Muglin.

The scuffle happened when police tried to stop locals from collecting money for the Mahashivaratri by obstructing traffic movement.

According to the police, Gurung sustained serious head injury while falling down on the road during the scuffle and breathed his last while receiving medical care at the Bharatpur Hospital yesterday.

However, the locals have claimed that Gurung lost his life due to police beating. Gurung was beaten badly by the police personnel deployed in Mugling for security in the highway after they found him obstructing the vehicular movement in Mugling-Narayanghat road section, by hanging a rope across the road.

Irate locals have obstructed the roads yesterday night too and have called Chitwan bandh today demanding action against the police after the meeting between the locals and the police has failed to resolve the matter.

The Mungling locals are also demanding proper compensation for the kin of the deceased.

Fire gut house in Busy Ason

Feb 21, 2012 @ 18:13

The fire that occurred due to an electric short-circuits completely destroyed one house and damaged other two at Balkumari, Ason in Kathmandu on Tuesday.

The fire caught the house owned by Tulshi Maiya Joshi at around 7.00 am and according to police, it took about six hours to bring the fire under control by teams of Nepal Army, Nepal police and locals.

Police Inspector Hem Kumar Shrestha said the fire brigade trucks and tankers could not reach the site due to narrow street. So, five fire brigade vehicles and 20 tankers were parked at a distance to put off the fire by water. (Photo Credit: NepalNews)

SC holds Minister Gupta guilty in corruption case and slaps jail term and fine

Feb 21, 2012 @ 18:32

The Supreme Court on Tuesday hold Minister for Information and Communications Jaya Prakash Gupta guilty of amassing property by misusing the power during his various stints as minister and slapped one and half year jail term and Rs. 8.4 million fine. The court also ordered confiscation of same amount of his property.

A joint bench of SC justices Tarkaraj Bhatta and Sushila Karki announced the verdict on the case that was under consideration at the SC since November 8, 2007.

Gupta surrendered before the court following his conviction in corruption. So, as per the the law, Gupta will get a 20 percent discount in the fine and another 20 percent in the jail term.

The SC also recommended the Judicial Council to take action against Special Court judges Bhupadhowj Adhikari, Komal Nath Sharma and Cholendra Shumsher Janga Bahadur Rana, who had “illegally” acquitted Gupta of all corruption charges on June 7, 2007, citing insufficient evidence to prove him guilty.

Gupta was accused of amassing property worth Rs 20.8 million through illegal means during his multiple ministerial stints and dragged into the court in 2003.

Gupta was sent to Dillibazaar prison.

Action taken against Pedestrians for not using Overhead Bridges

Feb 23, 2012 @ 18:04

Kathmandu Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (KMTPD), from Thursday, has started to fine pedestrians who do not use overhead bridges to cross the road.

Those, who cross the roads without using overhead bridges, though the bridge is nearby, will be fined Rs 50 and will be under detention of the Traffic Police for an hour. Earlier, such pedestrians were fined Rs 25.

KMTPD has deployed police personnel to monitor and take action at various places like Sundhara, Bhotahiti and Ratnapark’s Ranedwip overhead bridge from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

According to the traffic police, this action has been taken to control road accidents as some pedestrians did not use the bridge though they were urged to do so. Further, the traffic police informed that as an effort, an awareness campaign has been launched to control the increased road accidents caused by random crossing of roads and to ease the traffic congestion caused by the Pedestrians.

Recently, the traffic police have already launched an anti-drink driving campaign for controlling accidents at night. (Photo Credit: Image Channel)

About 145 lawyers arrested from Singhadurbar

Feb 24, 2012 @ 12:11

About 150 lawyers staging a protest against delay in promulgation of the new constitution were arrested from outside the Supreme Court premises in Singha Durbar in Kathmandu on Friday afternoon.

The protest rally, organized by the Nepal Bar Association, was planned to take out from NBA building, next to the SC, to Ratnapark but was interfered by the security personnel when trying to enter the prohibitory zone.

They chanted sarcastic slogans like “Don’t make constitution” and “Extend the Constituent Assembly term only.” Some lawyers have been injured during the incident, according to NBA General Secretary Bijaya Mishra, who also has been detained.

Dhiraj Pratap Singh, spokesperson of Metropolitan Police Range said, the detained lawyers have been kept at Singhadurbar and Baneshwor police posts and will be released by today evening.

NBA Chairman Prem Bahadur Khadka, General Secretary Mishra, former Vice Chairman Sher Bahadur K.C. and former General Secretary Madhav Banskota are also detained.

Powerful Bomb Blast outside NOC office

Posted on – Feb 27, 2012 @ 14:45

Monday afternoon, powerful bomb blast at Babarmahal, Kathmandu outside Nepal Oil Corporation’s (NOC) head office, killing three persons and injuring seven persons.

Two persons died on the spot while the other victim breathed his last while undergoing treatment at the Bir Hospital. Police identified two of the deceased as Krishna Bahadur Tamang and Bishnu Pulami. Other injured have been admitted to various hospitals.

Samyukta Jatiya Mukti Morcha-Bishwokranti (SJMM), a little known underground outfit, has claimed responsibility for the explosion. Recently, the group had also carried out an explosion at the mobile phone tower in Dhadhing.

According to media news, spokesperson of the group who identified himself as Bishwo Kranti in a telephone call to Sagarmatha Television said the blast was carried out in protest against the recent price hikes. NOC hiked the prices of petroleum products three days ago effective from Saturday.

Meanwhile, the Home Ministry informed at a press meet that a probe panel has been formed to investigate the explosion headed by DIG Upendra Kanta Aryal, the chief of Nepal Police Central Investigation Bureau with members-Senior Superintendent Devendra Sudedi, Senior Superintendent Kedar Man Singh Bhandari and Superintendent Subodh Ghimire.

Chief at Metropolitan Police Commissioner’s Office, AIG Kuber Singh Rana informed that the powerful explosion was carried out by using an electronic device and police have suspected that remote control might have used for the blast. (Photo Credit: The Himalayan Times and AFP)

Rana Regime – Dev Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana (1862 – 1914)

Maharajah Dev Shamsher JBR (1862 – 1914), prime minister of Nepal for 144 days in 1901 AD

Dev Shamsher known as reformist Prime Minister was the fourth of 17 sons born to the Chief of the Army Dhir Shamsher Rana (a younger brother of Jang Bahadur) and Rani Nanda Kumari, niece of Bhimsen Thapa and Mathbar Singh Thapa who were both prime ministers of Nepal.

His father and brothers had difficulties in maintaining a huge family. The Shamshers were poorer than the Jung Bahadur’s family and other cousins. To ease the burden on Dhir Shamsher, Dev Shamsher was adopted at a very young age by his father’s childless elder brother, General Krishna Bahadur Kunwar Rana and was raised by him and his wife.

Dev Shamsher had wanted to start a parliamentary system, and he was very impressed by the system in Great Britain. But, his reforms were not liked his brothers. He was later forced to resign by a coalition of his brothers (Chandra Shamsher and others) who opposed to hi
s progressive policies, and was forced to take refuge to India.

(Modified from the material obtained from vintagenepal)

Photography Tutorial – The Deepesh Show (Episode 1)

Deepesh Shrestha teaches you how to take a great photo. In the first tutorial, Deepesh gives some basic tips on the composition of a photo. Some of the issues Deepesh covers in the video are:

  • Rule of third: photo composition, balance and movement of objects in the photo.
  • Golden ratio: composition of photograph in curve.
  • Rule of triangle: Subject should be in the three triangles on the lower portion.
  • Blurring the distractions: Focusing on subject of interest and simplifying the object.
  • Rule of odds: Odd number o
    f subjects makes a photo interesting.

Watch the video to understand the basics of photo composition:

Writ at Supreme Court against Govt. decision to pardon Dhungel

A writ has been filed at the Supreme Court on Thursday against the government’s decision made on last Tuesday to recommend President Dr Ram Baran Yadav for granting general amnesty to Maoist Lawmaker Bal Krishna Dhungel, a murder convict

The Maoist leading government had decided to recommend Dhungel’s case to the president for granting amnesty citing it was a “political case” related to the conflict era, which could be withdrawn as per the Comprehensive Peace Accord.

The writ was filed by Sabitri Shrestha, sister of Ujjan Kumar Shrestha, who was killed by Dhungel during Maoist insurgency. The Supreme Court had announced life imprisonment along with confiscation of all property against Dhungel after finding him guilty of murder following abduction of Ujjan.

In the meantime, human rights organizations, political parties and political leaders have condemned the government decision to recommend pardon for Dhungel.

Two main opposition parties, Nepali Congress and CPN-UML are demanding the government to withdraw the decision.

Madhesi People´s Rights Forum (MPRF) Nepal said such a move will encourage grave human rights violations in the country.

Chairman of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal (RPP-N), Kamal Thapa has said that the Cabinet decision was a mockery of rule of law.

Shobhraj wife Nihita to feature in Indian TV show?

Bikini Killer Charles Shobhraj‘s 22-year-old wife Nihita Biswas is told to be featured in a reality TV show, Bigg Boss 5. From the time Nihita announced her love for the convicted killer, she was expected to cash in the popularity she got from linking herself to the controversial character.

An Indian Newspaper, Times of India, has told that Nihita has already confirmed her presence in the show. Bigg Boss show, known for presenting controversial content, goes on air in October. Nihita is expected to arrive in India by the end of September for the preparation of the show.

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