In the name of God – Jhallu Jhalanath

Officially, oath is taken in the "name of God."  Being a communist, our new Prime Minister, Jhalanath Khanal, took the oath in the "name of citizen of Nepal".

Wow! that was impressive.

Until, a photo published in Kantipur showed the "Jhallu attitude" of Jhalanath Khanal again. Worshiping the PM residence before entering it. I don’t have much expecations from such prime ministers!


One more photo:

jhalanatha-in-the-name-of-god (Photo credits Kantipur)

One thought on “In the name of God – Jhallu Jhalanath

  1. I think anything done for the betterment of country, people and near ones with pure heart ought to be applauded. Commie jokers are atheist with no moral compass, just see their actions like killing innocent children, women and men which are vile and pure evil.

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