Is Alena Gurung a Nepali Paris Hilton ?

The beauty queen, Alena Gurung, is a UK resident Nepali model. She wants to be an actress, a successful British actress in the United Kingdom.

One of my friend, argued that she is good enough to be a Nepali version of Paris Hilton. I don’t think she has gone to that extreme. One can easily predict that Alena might be heading in that direction in the future.

But is it worth it? The society Paris lives in is quite different from where Alena came from. In the same time, I also think that it doesn’t matter much to her, as she lives in UK and she has nothing to do with what general Nepali people think of her. For Paris, every scandal was beneficial in her popularity and demand. But will the same thing can happen to Alena? I doubt it. One thing is for sure – she will get the publicity – good or bad.

She is a well known model and she has participated in various modelling competitions. In various competitions, some of the titles she has own till date are:

Best Personality -2004
Dover Princess – 2005
Dover Princess – 2006
Euro Region Team England – 2007
Miss European Princess – 2007

2018 update – These days, Alena Gurung is not as active in her modelling assignments as before. She is married and has a child and is living in the UK with her family. There is not much updates on her fun-filled wild parties. If you know more about the model, please comment with the details about Alena and related people. Thank you.

29 thoughts on “Is Alena Gurung a Nepali Paris Hilton ?

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  2. Bad title. Dud

    But she’s so f**king ugly , haha, she’ll make a third grade p0rnstar. Just like most of the nepali girls in UK.

  3. damn people I just dont understand y are u all just after one girl ? I mean she’s enjoying her life and she has right to privacy doesnt she ? don’t be too jealous of others and bugg into others life without any reason !!

  4. oh god leave her alone! Its her life at the end of the day. Who cares? I got more real important issues to worry about in my life so do you and everyone else so why waste your precious time writing here hateful comments. I understand she is a mess but shes doesnt have a class and theres nothing she can do but carry on the way she is. Noones perfect not even this trash but Life goes on.Thanks

  5. i think you should stp critisising her and leave her be.
    don’t get me wrong, i dnt agree with what she does but i also don’t give a SHIT about what she does cuz at the end of the day she’s the one who’s going to regret it not you guys.
    so if she wants to go flashin her boobs and whatever, then who cares? as long as WE dont do those things!
    p.s. there’s nothing wrong with going out with a gora. race dont matter. i mean, if we nepali’s discriminate goras so much then how can we except them to repect us back?

  6. “…What wearing a bikini does that mean im a ***ing slut?…” if thats not Alena herself writing it pretending to be somebody else and accidently disclosing it whilst getting so angry an writing without thinkin then hmmmmmm….. haha

  7. a kinda agreeing with Sita. come on people, be civilized …. it doesn’t matter where you from or what you are, just be a TRUE/PURE HUMAN!
    (thats my 2 penny)


  8. Hey! She’s a pretty girl but why does she have to act in this trashy way?

    I’m Euro British, and my husband is Nepali – even very many British families wouldn’t like to see their daughter act like this. She should have more class!

    And to Prince, above, what’s wrong with being a goray or white? It doesn’t mean we are bad people!! I’m one and my Nepali family & friends like me as much as their own. Don’t disrespect people on their country or colour – that’s WRONG!!!!

    “Sita”, 38, UK.

  9. This blog is hilariousness seriously!!It just proves how pathetic, narrow minded,judging and stereotyping Nepalis are especially the ones who have decided to CARE SO MUCH AND write an article about her LMAO and all the people who have agreed and scribbled hateful comments!!This is not Alena either or any of her friends who are trying to defend her but this is just coming from a girl that feels the need to fight back and i really disagree completely with these stupid judgements!!!!!
    I cant even believe how sad these people are, doing researches on her, stalking her private profile and stealing pictures LOL ( nepalies x forum) and come to think about it, writing an article about her?Plzzz give me a break? When this happens, i admit i get embarrassed to call myself a Nepali, i really do, and sometimes i just feel sorry that the society is still stuck in the past.

    So ure theory is that “we are born Nepalese and that means we must follow our cultures and tradition and only think everything inside the box and everyone else’s idea is wrong” So if we chose to have a different race boyfriend or choose to hang out with English people or have better English then you then we will have to be recognized as “gorini”!

    Its all stereotyping and its the laziest way of thinking about someone without getting accurate information of them. And i choose to fight all of your statements because your all wrong!!

    All you haters dont even know her close enough i presume but you all are so sure of your negative thoughts about her because ure all haters lol and haters just keep making people even more FAMOUS. Do pictures and photos really tell you who you really are? I dont think so bitches!! Why not let people live their ***ing life the way THEY WANT!! WHy live by rules?? whats wrong with following your heart and doing what you believe is RIGHT? What wearing a bikini does that mean im a ***ing slut? Grow up and learn to live your life But dont get me wrong, im not trying to bring out a message to say, lets forget who we are or where we came from, of course embrase your beautiful race and respect Nepal! But is having a little FUN bad? Of coure if someone tries to disrespect our race, we fight back anytime and i know Alena must too but i feel ashamed that you publish so much hate on people like us without knowing proper information. so Why dont you WRITE A BLOG ABOUT URESELF NEXT TIME and about how low ure ***ing IQ IS BASTARDS!!!

    P:S The photos with the d*** and the s****. Its called a JOKE and having a “sense of humor” incase you didnt understand!


    I hope you approve my comment or your just a ****ing p**** t***!

    Editor Note: Yes, every comment is welcome here as long as they are decent enough to post. I appreciate your effort to write this long comment so I have reciprocated by replacing alphabets by * on all the junks you’re filled with.

  10. She is a total disaster…a ****in bitch…rentable pro** etc..give her a buck and she is all urs..listen gal..behave now coz u gonna end up nowhere at the end and ur gora or paki bboyfriend gonna dump u with nthin..

  11. Oh god ! It’s terrible ! c is a total disaster ! Go for such acts as a British , not as a Nepali !!! If u are a deserving figure, it looks even if u r covered. But if u r a disaster, it doesnot reveal even u r totally undressed. Oh god , bestow some mercy on this poor brat !

    -A Nepali

  12. Ur soo ugly
    Why r u The beauty queen?
    The judge must of been blind!
    But what are you sopost to be a pawn star well you will never make it
    You cant do the fuckin splits
    even my grandma can do it!
    u f**** B**c*
    Im just worried about u!
    Dont disgrace Nepal!
    Get out of here!
    Thank you


  13. wat de hell ?????its disgusting…….if u wear dirty dresses dat doesnt mean dat u r a super model…..its rediculous to c her in dis way….no way
    belacheliijk>>>>>>>>its just insulting

  14. Pretend to drink the cum of the pic on her arm…i think she’s so desperate missing the real stuff??? and you compare her with paris….she’s just another b**** round the corner

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