Is There a Flaw in Archimedes’ Principle? Ask Bhabindra.

Bhabindra Kunwar, a graduate student in Physics in Nepal, claimed that the good old Archimedes’ principle, that almost all kids learn at school, is not true.

Any object, wholly or partially immersed in a fluid, is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object. (Archimedes’ principle)

Kunwar’s test however show that the weight of the displaced liquid can be more or less or equal to the immersed object. For example, a paper glass with 100 gram water can easily be buoyed by another glass containing 25 gram water. The displaced water in this case would be less than 25 gram to uplift 100 gram object.

Whenever somebody claims that they have discovered something – the first question that comes in my mind is – how could the simple fact be overlooked for such a long time.


I am still with Archimedes but would be the happiest person if Kunwar could prove his inventions in the international arena. All the best Bhabindra! (Read more in Nepali nayapatrika (the article is no longer available)

UPDATE: In 2017, this guy is still making news in media. Although nobody in scientific community acknowledge the existence of Bhabindra Kunwar, he somehow convinces the news media to talk about him.

Working in the field of Physics for about a decade, claiming all sort of discoveries and questioning many well established theories, claiming to have published big books – and still being a nobody is really exceptional!!

Go on Bhabendra — may be some day you get lucky and actually invent something! I truly believe you can do that!

A news clip from Gorkhapatra:

There is a Twitter profile by the name Bhabindra Kunwar with the bio like:

I’m an author: like literature, physics, math, philosophy & music. 7+books, 15+ papers, 4+invention & have given dozens+ speeches as a main speaker in Physics.

But, there is no website or link to any of his books or the papers.

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  1. Some of the related research papers are in the blog: Interested people can study the research papers. Books have also been published. If you are interested in the related experiments, you can visit the you Tube channel Accurate Physics ( Thank you very much.

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  2. oe bele jogi ko 6ora kam paenas.math padera physics ko dhak lau6s.hihhaaa baru yeha bakbas kam nagar dai sanga canada ja tero life ban6.tero bhanji lai sod6 bhande hai

  3. Ha ha. . this is so funny. Mr. Scientist here needst to get a life. 25 gm water in a paper cup floating 100 gm in a paper cup of the same size… This has been debated to death in

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