Jiya KC offers to work for free if Paras Khadka plays opposite

After Nepali cricket team won the match against Hong Kong and lost to Bangladesh (before Nepal won the game against Afghanistan) actress Jiya KC called cricketer Paras Khadka a hero. She also told, "If I get to do a movie with Paras Khadka, I will do it for free."

She told, "If I meet Paras, I would kiss him on the cheek. Well, I don’t want to talk about any other things that can happen."

The ‘ATM‘ actress is known for sex scenes and kiss scenes in movies. Jiya’s sudden rise in the film industry because of vulgar dialogue and scenes has taken the downward turn now. As none of her movie had been successful, some have started questioning her future in the movie industry.

Although the statement about the captain of Nepali cricket team, Paras, might only be a publicity propaganda of the actress, working for free does make sense as she doesn’t have any movie in hand.

You can watch Jiya’s movie ‘Ho Yehi Maya Ho’ by visiting this page.

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