Komal Oli’s public appeal on personal harassment

In a public appeal, singer (and to be actress) Komal Oli has accused a person named Dr. Ramesh Basnet (a.k.a Dharma Thapa) of harassment for the last two years. Komal says, Dr. Basnet is originally from Gulmi and lives in the UK these days. The appeal was released in an interview video published in DC Nepal.


In addition to releasing the video in YouTube, Komal Oli had told to have registered complaints in Nepal Police and the related authorities about the incident. Komal accuses Dr. Basnet of creating a fake Facebook account of Komal Oli and using it on her behalf; and sending emails and making phone calls to Komal, her family and friends. Komal has publicly requested not to believe on the information received from the person.

Refer the following video and interview for the detailed information on the issue.

Our search to identify the person resulted in Ramesh Basnet working as a solicitor and commissioner for oath in the Supreme court of England and Wales. Basnet has provided his education background as MA, LLM and PhD degrees (degrees and background aren’t verified independently).

(UPDATE)We found a couple of articles he has written praising Komal Oli. Although long and having extensive reference to various artists and literately figures, the article are disjointed and void of meaningful presentation of Komal Oli. After reading his article, we have concluded that the person is educated and knows about academic research.

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