Making fool of the people – Round 17

What would be more shameful than being made fool by the person one has elected?

That is what is happening in Nepal, and it has already been the 16th time the one, and the only one candidate for the post of Prime Minister, Nepali Congress leader Ram Chandra Poudel, has been defeated in the election. He was left alone in the never winning race since Maoist Chairman, Puspa Kamal Dahal, withdrew his candidacy after realizing the infinite loop the election was going through.


Before the 17th election today, the Supreme Court on Wednesday told the government to halt the futile rounds of elections. The apex court has presented three options to clear the deadlock:

  1. Declaration of the only candidate the winner without election. Ram Chandra Poudel of Nepali Congress will be the Prime Minister without the consent of the parliament.
  2. Start a new election with new candidates
  3. Review the House’s rule on how the PM elections should be conducted. 

It is yet to be seen what the parliamentary chairman Subhash Newang will chose as the next step. But, people will certainly question their leaders – what was the reason for those 16 elections and what did the people get from them?

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