Nepali Movie – Best Friend Forever (BFF)

Best Frenz forever nepali movieNepali Movie – Best Friend Forever (BFF)
Starring – aurav Chaudhary, Manish Neupane, Sandip Ghimire, Pinky Sherpa etc.
Director – Utsav Thapaliya

About Best Friend Forever (BFF)

The nepali movie titled ‘Best Friend Forever’ (Best Frienz Forever) is the full form of BFF, commonly used in internet chat and offline conversations. The movie made on the story of Dr. Lochan Acharya is produced by Aarav, Sarikchha Thapa, and Sandip Ghimire. The movie features the action of Asta Maharjan, cinematography of Nirmal Mulmi Shrestha, music of Arjun Pokharel, Aakash Thapa and Kamal Khatri. The musicians have also composed the lyrics of the songs in the movie. The editors are Shahil Khan and Milan Shrestha. VFX by Satyam Rana.

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Star Cast of BFF

All the actors are new faces in the Nepali movie industry. The main actors in the movie are Saurav Chaudhary, Manish Neupane, Sandip Ghimire, Pinky Sherpa, Sadhana Bhandari, Syaleen Manandhar, Prahik Neupane, Inzamam Ali Khan.

Poster of BFF

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